Expelled — Weekend Box Office Results (May 23-25)

THIS WEBSITE gives the weekend gross box-office receipts for Expelled, Ben Stein’s anti-science documentary. It shows receipts for each weekend since the film’s opening on April 18, including an estimate for the sixth weekend. A “weekend” includes receipts for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

As we’ve previously reported, the number of theaters at which the film is shown has decreased. Expelled started out at 1,052 theaters. The number of theaters is now down to only 83. Here are the numbers:

Weekend 1: $2,970,848 gross, $2,824 per theater (1,052 theaters).
Weekend 2: $1,394,940 gross, $1,340 per theater (1,041 theaters).
Weekend 3: $678,304 gross, $1,034 per theater (656 theaters).
Weekend 4: $328,836 gross, $818 per theater (402 theaters).
Weekend 5: $102,690 gross, $489 per theater (210 theaters).
Weekend 6: $30,300 gross, $365 per theater (83 theaters).

If a typical adult’s ticket costs $8, the average theater sold only 46 tickets for the entire 3-day weekend — about 15 tickets per day.

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One response to “Expelled — Weekend Box Office Results (May 23-25)

  1. carolinaguitarman

    So it appears that the movie that was going to overturn the *Darwinist* hegemony has fallen flat on its face. Even if they by some miracle break even financially, their goal of reaching the masses and changing the nature of the debate has been a total and complete failure.

    In the end, it will be remembered (if at all) as just another insignificant attack on the last 150 years of scientific discovery.

    Will anybody mention this movie 20 years from now? Anybody?