Louisiana anti-evolution legislation — update

From the website of a television station, WXTV, we have the first bit of reporting on the creationism situation in Louisiana that we’ve seen in several days:

A look at the Louisiana legislative session so far. The article has a brief paragraph about several pending issues. This is all they say on the creationism bill:

SCIENCE TEACHING: Legislation that proponents say will promote “critical analysis” of scientific issues including cloning and evolution in public schools has passed the Senate and is awaiting a House vote. A group of science teachers and other critics of the bill call it a veiled attempt to let teachers inject religion into science classes. The state education board would still have the right to prohibit teachers from using some materials, under an amendment added in a House committee.

But they also say this, which puts the matter in some time-frame context (emphasis supplied):

Lawmakers are a month away from finishing the 2008 regular legislative session, which must end June 23. Relatively few bills have made it to the governor’s desk while hundreds more are moving through the process and others have yet to receive any debate. A look at the action since the session began March 31:

The Louisiana lawmakers are also struggling with other weighty issues: strip clubs, sagging pants, dog-fighting, etc. We marvel at the intellectual virtuosity of the state’s leaders.

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