Texas Creationism Controversy — Alive Again!

WE’VE REPORTED about this matter before: Will Texas Approve a Degree in Creation Science? and then here: Texas won’t approve creationism degree! Now it’s back.

From WorldNetDaily, described as a source of evangelical-conservative-oriented news and editorials, we have the latest news about the efforts of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), probably the granddaddy of all creationist outfits, to find some respect in the world of higher education: Texas accused of ‘viewpoint discrimination’. Excerpts (emphasis supplied):

The Texas Higher Education Consulting Board recently rejected the formal application from the ICR graduate school program even though the organization now is approved to grant degrees by the state of California, and has been for decades.

The organization said today that it wants the education agency to reverse its rejection of the ICR plan to grant Master of Science degrees.

The petition paves the way for ICRGS to file a legal action against the state agency and its officials. Named in the action that cites the state’s unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination are Commissioner Raymund Paredes, Assistant Commissioner Joseph Stafford, Academic Excellence Committee chairman Lyn Bracwell Phillips and other THECB board members

This is a new Constitutional doctrine, at least to us. The ICR is arguing that all viewpoints, no matter how crazed, are equally valid in science. If they want to grant degrees in a “science” about how the Intelligent Designer comes from Uranus, the state must officially recognize this (and perhaps even subsidize it), or be guilty of — gasp!unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination. Continuing:

According to ICR, they [the state] “denied the application of ICRGS because its program is based on a creationist interpretation of scientific data rather than an evolutionary interpretation, which is prevalent in public education.”

Yes! The state rejected the application because an ICR degree in creationist mumbo-jumbo doesn’t qualify for state approval. Simple. Another excerpt:

In a situation that appears to be an example of the academic censoring described in Ben Stein’s movie “Expelled,” state officials even read into the record for the agency’s hearing a state statute regarding “fraudulent” education programs without giving supporters of the ICR program an opportunity to explain or respond.

Indeed. The same foolishness that ICR peddles is also peddled in the movie. The reporter got that right. Goof-ball-ism is breaking out all over. Here’s the final paragraph:

Henry Morris III, the chief executive officer for the ICRGS, said the school prepares students to “understand both sides of the scientific perspective, although we do favor the creationist view.”

As an intelligently designed character once remarked: “What a maroon!”

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2 responses to “Texas Creationism Controversy — Alive Again!

  1. carolinaguitarman

    Those California bastards denied my attempt to start a degree program in Intelligent Gravity too! It’s unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination! I’m being oppressed! See the violence inherent in the system!

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