Dentists Gone Wild!

What is it with dentists in Florida? You will recall that Florida’s recently failed creationism bill was sponsored in the state’s House by Representative Alan Hays, a retired dentist. Now, from the Tampa Tribune, we have what is headlined as “Special to the Tribune,” a letter by R. Geoffrey Weihe, D.D.S., past president of the Hillsborough County Dental Association. (That’s the county where Tampa is located.)

Here’s Weihe’s letter: Darwinism Simply Can’t Answer These Questions. Excerpts (emphasis supplied):

If you placed an infinite number of chimpanzees at an infinite number of typewriters, would they eventually write all the great books?

That was a silly experiment proposed by Bob Newhart on his 1960 hit comedy album. The joke reminds me of today’s debate over the teaching of intelligent design along with Neo Darwinistic scientific naturalism.

Well! “Neo Darwinistic scientific naturalism” is quite a menacing mouthful. Continuing:

The Darwinian account of evolution is imploding, and no amount of sarcasm or misinformation can save it. Those who hang their philosophical hopes on scientific naturalism are in defense mode.

Let me share just three of the many problems unsolved by the theory of natural selection.

Wow! We are about to read what are, presumably, this dentist’s three best reasons for rejecting “neo Darwinistic scientific naturalism.” How exciting!

We’ll spare you the suspense, because we know how keen you are to hear the learned dentist’s arguments. His “big three” are: (1) “There is no known example of the formation of a new species.” (2) “… evolution through selection cannot explain the irreducible complexity of the … bacterial flagellum.” (3) “Neo Darwinists have yet to propose a solid theory for the beginning of life.”

That’s impressive! Near the end of this brilliant man’s letter he tells us:

I ask that anyone commenting on this issue please not play the religion card. And I urge parents and students to seek the truth, wherever the evidence leads.

What a pity this great man spent his life in dentistry. Think of the wonders such an intellect could have produced had he applied himself to some other endeavor — like proctology.

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6 responses to “Dentists Gone Wild!

  1. longshadow

    >(3) “Neo Darwinists have yet to propose a solid theory for the beginning of life.”<

    If that is a basis of denying the theory of Evolution, then Meteorology and Atomic Theory of Matter must be equally defective: the former fails to explain the origin of moisture, the latter the origin of nuclear particles.

    The flaw in the argument is that Evolution is NOT CONTINGENT upon how life started. Evolution deals with what happens once reproducing life forms with heritable traits exist, not how they came into existence….. nor does it need to, any more than Meteorology needs to explain where water molecules come from.

  2. carolinaguitarman

    Damn! How come we never thought of those attacks before??

    We may have to ditch those aspects of the theory, but at least they can’t touch Darwinian Gravity!!

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