Kenneth Miller: “Expelled” — Shoddy Propaganda

KENNETH R. MILLER wrote a review of Ben Stein’s Expelled, and we posted a Curmudgeonly article about it nearly a month ago: Kenneth Miller on “Expelled”. Now that the film has all but vanished from the theaters, the Denver Post has reprinted that review: Pitting religion against science is a mistake.

Kenneth R. Miller is a biology professor at Brown University, textbook author, and he was a key witness in the Dover trial ( Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District). His article is worth reading, so click over to the Denver Post and check it out.

Miller quotes conservative Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, who says that Intelligent Design is nothing more than a “phony theory.”

The story line in the film is that Intelligent Design advocates are persecuted and suppressed. For a trove of information about this phony story line, we recommend Expelled Exposed.

After mentioning the film’s lies about persecuted professors, Miller goes on to discuss other whoppers, like the lie that all scientists are atheists, the phony “link” between Darwin and Hitler, and then he claims that science is simply evil — that Science leads you to killing people.

There’s not much more to be said, except this — Ben Stein is a poop-head.

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One response to “Kenneth Miller: “Expelled” — Shoddy Propaganda

  1. carolinaguitarman

    “Not much more to be said, except this — Ben Stein is a poop-head.”

    Takes one to know one.