South Carolina Creationist Bill — It’s Dead

ALMOST THREE WEEKS AGO we wrote about the anti-science bill pending in the South Carolina legislature: South Carolina Creationist Bill — Nine Days Left. It is now being reported by Eugenie Scott’s National Center for Science Education that the bill has failed.

Here’s the article (it’s very brief): Antievolution legislation in South Carolina dies.

When the South Carolina legislature adjourned on June 5, 2008, Senate Bill 1386 died in committee. … Its main sponsor, Senator Michael Fair (R-District 6), spearheaded a number of previous antievolution efforts in the legislature; the Greenville News (May 1, 2003) reported that Fair said, with reference to a previous bill he sponsored, that “his intention is to show that Intelligent Design is a viable scientific alternative that should be taught in the public schools.” South Carolina is the fourth state in which “academic freedom” antievolution legislation failed in 2008, after Florida, Alabama, and Missouri; similar legislation is still active in Louisiana and Michigan.

Another creationist initiative bites the dust — for now. But they won’t give up.

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