Louisiana House Passes Creationism Bill

The Times-Picayune is reporting: House approves changes in teaching of science. Excerpts, with bold added for emphasis:

The Louisiana House has agreed to a bill that would let science teachers change the way they teach topics like evolution, cloning and global warming in public school classrooms.

Well, it had to happen somewhere. Might as well be Louisiana.

Supporters say the bill is designed to promote critical thinking, to strengthen scientific education and to help teachers who are confused about what’s acceptable for science classes.

Opponents say the proposal is a veiled attempt to add religion to science classes and to challenge well-established science teachings.

It’s not yet a done deal because the House added a cautionary provision; but it looks like it’s happening.

The Senate already has agreed to the bill, but it heads back to the chamber for approval of a provision added by the House that would give the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education the ability to prohibit supplemental materials it deems inappropriate.

If it passes, the creationist governor will probably sign it.

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4 responses to “Louisiana House Passes Creationism Bill

  1. Am I allowed to say SH-T on this blog?!

  2. Maybe it will die like it did in FL. Do you know how much time is left?

  3. The Curmudgeon

    They have to wrap it up by June 20, according to some news article I’ve seen.

  4. It does all feel like the scene in Terminator, when the blasted robot just keeps on coming at you.

    I think we can imagine the kind of ‘supplementary materials’ the Discoveroids will be pushing forward the first chance they get.