Texas “Strengths and Weaknesses” News Roundup

AS YOU KNOW, the creationists are making a big push to ram creationism into science classes in Texas. They’ve failed with such efforts in several other states this year, but Texas is the one remaining biggie where the anti-science crowd have a chance. (Besides Texas, creationist initiatives are still pending in Louisiana and Michigan).

First, check out this editorial about Texas which appears in the Minnesota Daily: The Evolution of Intelligent Design. Excerpt:

A strong push by the political right backed by big money has been heating up the battle over how students in Texas and across the nation are to be taught about the origins of life. In an effort to punch holes in evolution theory and revive the dying intelligent design movement, the Texas Board of Education may mandate the use of textbooks that invite theistic explanations of life by including the “strengths and weaknesses” of evolution.

Then we have an editorial from the Waco Tribune-Herald: State school board’s creeping creationism. It was freely accessible this morning, but registration may now be required. No matter. Here are some excerpts, with bold added for emphasis:

Why would The New York Times editorial board weigh in on the Texas Board of Education?

Good question!

Two good reasons.

First, what Texas requires of textbook publishers has nationwide ramifications. It is the nation’s second largest bulk purchaser behind California.

Second, what’s happening on the board is what’s happening in several other states — the quest to ease non-science into science class. It is portrayed as science but is driven by religion.

Someone in Waco understands the situation very well. Another excerpt:

State school board president Don McElroy, a San Antonio dentist whose district represents Falls, Franklin, Limestone, Navarro, Freestone, Leon and Robertson counties, is a creationist. Though he has said he doesn’t support creation per se in science class, he and other social conservatives on the board want to include the “strengths and weaknesses of evolution” in curricula.

If you had a tooth-ache, would you want to be treated by a creationist dentist? Personally, we wouldn’t let anyone that toad-brained get near us. The editorial concludes with this:

Texas, the nation is watching.

Indeed it is. Come on, Texas, don’t get sucked in by a pack of creationists in Seattle. You know who we mean — the Discovery Institute, also known as cdesign proponentsists (described here: Missing link: “cdesign proponentsists”).

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