Creationist Wisdom — Example Two

WHEN WE POSTED the first in this series, we suspected there would be more. We’re not disappointed. In the New York Times we find this gem: Evolution and the Facts.

As is our custom, we copy the letter in its entirety, omitting only the writer’s name and city, and adding a bit of bold — and color — for emphasis:

To the Editor: Before I retired, I was a full-time math teacher. With the full knowledge and dismay of state and county school officials, as well as the American Civil Liberties Union, I demonstrated to my students that mathematics, using statistics, probability and number magnitude, proves beyond the shadow of doubt that evolution is nonsense.

Why hasn’t this genius published his “proof”? The letter to the Times continues:

The students saw that the evidence clearly shows that every item associated with humans, animals and plants are intelligent designs, and that intelligent design is science.

Amazing! Tapeworms, poison ivy, and even syphilis are intelligent designs. Who knew? Oh, nice grammar blunder in that letter to the Times, teach. Very impressive.

Here’s the letter’s conclusion:

I always let the students figure it out for themselves and allowed them to believe what they chose, but at least they were exposed to the scientific facts, which evolutionary extremists want to censor from the minds of public-school students.

We wonder, if the students are left to “figure it out for themselves,” why we even need teachers at all. But then, life is full of little mysteries.

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2 responses to “Creationist Wisdom — Example Two

  1. Hi! I’ve only recently discovered your writings, which I have enjoyed, so I’m slowly reading some of your older stuff. Anyway, I was curious as to what this mathematical “proof” could possibly be. After all, we know that math, statistics and probabilities can’t be used to manipulate the truth, right? So, I went to the original NY Times piece (fortunately the link still worked) and discovered the name of the writer. After some google research, I finally came upon this:

    This appears to be his “proof”. It says:

    1. Students will comprehend that the science of mathematics proves that life could not have developed by natural (evolutionary) means.
    2. Students will determine that the only scientific alternative to evolution is Intelligent Design.

    Boy, I’m convinced. I guess I have to believe in ID now. Does that mean I have to believe in a god also?

  2. Roger says: “Boy, I’m convinced. I guess I have to believe in ID now.”

    That was mathematically inevitable.