Louisiana Creationism — The Firestorm Begins

From the Advocate in Louisiana we have this: Evolution bill close to approval; lawsuits expected. Excerpts, with bold added for emphasis:

Ignoring threats of a lawsuit, the Louisiana House voted for legislation Wednesday that could change the way evolution is taught in public schools.


It now returns to the Senate for consideration of one amendment that was added in a House committee.

Here comes the fun part:

“If this new law is used to promote religion in Louisiana public schools, I can guarantee there will be legal action,” said Barry Lynn, executive director of the group [Americans United for Separation of Church and State].

Here’s what remains to be worked out:

One of the key points of controversy is what materials teachers could use aside from state-approved science textbooks.


State Rep. Frank Hoffman, R-West Monroe and House sponsor of the bill, said the amendment added in the House committee would prevent “any kind of crazy materials from being thrown in there” to supplement textbooks.

From the Washington Times we have this: New front opens on evolution wars. Excerpts, with bold added for emphasis:

A spokeswoman for Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal would not say whether he will sign the bill, saying only that he will review it when it gets to his desk.

We know Jindal is a creationist, so if he’s now being indecisive it’s only to test the wind regarding his possible VP chances. Not only a creationist, but a political slimeball too. Impressive!

One more excerpt:

Under the bill, a teacher would still teach the material in the standard textbook but also could use “supplemental textbooks and other instructional materials.” The state board of education would have veto power over these materials, supporters of the bill said.

Like Jack Chick comics, we assume. Stay tuned, Curmudgeon fans. We haven’t seen the last of this situation.

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