Expelled: Back Again (Almost)

WE HAD HOPED that we were done with Expelled, Ben Stein’s utterly wretched, anti-science documentary. But as Michael Corleone said: “Just when I think I’m out, they drag me back in again!”

Therefore we must report that there’s a new blog article from the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids). It’s this: Ben Stein and Expelled Suit Up for the Summer Session.

Summer season? What summer season? What’s going on here?

As with most Discoveroid claims, there is far less going on than the headline claims. Here are some excerpts from their blog article, with bold added for Curmudgeonly emphasis:

Even as school is letting out for the summer, Premise Media is working in conjunction with the distributor Rocky Mountain Pictures, to bring Ben Stein back for the summer. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is being made available from June 15th to August 30th for special group screenings at your preferred theater.

Translation: It’s not a re-release, folks. Theaters don’t want it. But the promoters will rent a theater for a private group showing, if you make special arrangements — including payment in advance. Continuing:

… it is amazing that a documentary film has made over $7 million and …

Buzzzz! Wrong! The film is a financial loser. It grossed over $7 million, but we are informed that the gross up to now isn’t nearly enough to cover production, distribution, and advertising costs. More from the Discoveroids:

…and at the end of May was still showing in almost a hundred theaters.

They have no shame. None! When last seen, this film was at about 41 theaters, and each of those lucky locations was selling maybe 14 tickets a day. We reported on that here: “Expelled” still lives!, which was on June 1 (reasonably close to the end of May). And unlike the Discoveroids, our article gives a link to the source of our data.

One more Discoveroid excerpt:

As the film goes international, starting in Canada, it will be interesting to see the Darwinists squirm all over again.

We always squirm when we see Ben Stein, as he always seems to be suffering from horrible distress of the bowels.

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