Louisiana Anti-Evolution: Final Week

IT’S QUIET on the Louisiana creationism news front today. But from the Advocate in Louisiana we have this: Last Week at the Louisiana Legislature. We are excerpting only information related to the creationist legislation:

Lawmakers are meeting in a regular legislative session that must end by June 23.

That’s good news. At least there’s a limit on how much time they have to mess things up. We reported earlier that bills have to be completely passed in both houses by June 20. We’re writing this on Sunday, June 15, so the remaining week for getting things done starts tomorrow and ends this Friday, the 20th.

IN THE WORKS: A proposal that would let science teachers change how they teach topics like evolution, cloning and global warming in public schools is nearing final passage after getting approval from both the House and Senate. Opponents say the bill (Senate Bill 733) may spark a lawsuit.

The bill by Sen. Ben Nevers, D-Bogalusa, would let teachers supplement school science textbooks with other materials. The proposal awaits a final vote in the Senate on changes made by the House, including the addition of a provision that would allow the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to prohibit supplemental materials it deems inappropriate.

That’s not really news, but it’s all we’ve got today. They also say this:

Supporters say the bill is designed to promote critical thinking, strengthen education and help teachers who are confused about what’s acceptable for science classes. Opponents say the proposal is a veiled attempt to add religion to science classes and to challenge well-established science teachings.

If you want a link to the Louisiana legislature to try tracking things for yourself, go here: 2008 Regular Legislative Session. The Senate bill is SB733. We have no idea how well that site works or how diligently it’s updated.

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One response to “Louisiana Anti-Evolution: Final Week

  1. Help teachers who are confused about what’s acceptable for science classes??? What’s acceptable is SCIENCE. Sigh…