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AS YOU KNOW, the Louisiana legislature, in its wisdom, has passed SB 733, the so-called Louisiana Science Education Act, authorizing unspecified “supplementary materials” for teaching evolution in state-run science classes. The bill is likely to be signed by Bobby Jindal, that state’s governor — who has made statements suggesting that he has creationist sympathies.

It is no coincidence that the new Louisiana law is similar to the Academic Freedom Act being promoted by the Discovery Institute, a creationist think tank in Seattle.

Because of the overwhelming majority this law received in both houses of the Louisiana legislature, it may well be veto-proof; yet there is still an opportunity to encourage Governor Jindal to show leadership and exercise his veto power.

The Louisiana Coalition for Science, founded by Dr. Barbara Forrest, has posted an open letter to Bobby Jindal which can be used for guidance in drafting your own email. Also, Eugenie Scott’s National Center for Science Education has an excellent article which has additional information that you may find useful: Louisiana creationism bill is on Governor’s desk.

Your Curmudgeon has deep roots in Louisiana. It’s where our father was born and raised, and also our grandfather. Our great-grandfather settled there in the 1870s. We don’t live there, but we care what happens in that state, as we care about the quality of science education throughout this nation.

We urge all Curmudgeon fans — wherever they may live — to take a moment to draft an email to Governor Jindal urging him to do the right thing. His veto will be a powerful statement about his commitment to his state and to our nation’s future.

Governor Jindal should be encouraged to follow the example set by Oklahoma’s Governor Brad Henry a few weeks ago, when he vetoed a similar bill which his legislature had passed.

If this bill becomes law, it will be a dangerous precedent that will benefit the Discovery Institute by helping them to advance their strategy of getting intelligent design creationism into public schools. Other states will then be encouraged to pass such legislation. The Discovery Institute has already said that they will continue their push to get such legislation passed.

Don’t delay. Governor Jindal may sign this bill at any moment. Please let him know that it’s the wrong thing to do — for the future of his state and for the country.

Addendum: To send an email to Governor Jindal:

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  1. Did you post the Gov’s e mail address? I’ve got it here for you in case you forgot, or I just missed it.


  2. The Curmudgeon

    Thanks, Stacy. I added that to the article.

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