Creationist Science Teacher John Freshwater is Fired

IT’S NICE TO SEE justice prevail. In the Columbus Dispatch we read: Mount Vernon board votes to fire science teacher. Excerpts, with bold added for emphasis:

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — The city’s public school board intends to fire science teacher John Freshwater for using the classroom to preach his Christian beliefs.

The Mount Vernon board announced the decision this afternoon after meeting in private. Board members contend that Freshwater failed to follow the approved science curriculum and continued to teach creationism and intelligent design after being told not to.

It’s about time!

For 11 years, the school system has received complaints about Freshwater criticizing evolution and emphasizing creationism and intelligent design, according to consultants hired to investigate the allegations against Freshwater.

Well, it’s only been 11 years. No need to rush these things.

The debate about Freshwater’s actions became public in April when he refused to remove a Bible from his desk, as the district had ordered. Freshwater had agreed to take down all the religious posters which had adorned the walls of his science classroom.

There have been much more serious complaints, but it’s pretty much all history now. Mr. Freshwater can always get a job as a guide at a creationist museum.

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2 responses to “Creationist Science Teacher John Freshwater is Fired

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  2. mad4science

    Being a Creationist science teacher is sort of like being a blind driving instructor. The essence of science is to be able to examine and evaluate evidence and reach conclusions based upon said evidence. Contrast that with the Creationists tendency to cherry pick the facts that support their position and dismiss everything else, such as the fossil record, as being some sort of trick.