Ben Stein’s “Expelled” Coming to Canada

HAVING FLOPPED IN THE US, Expelled, Ben Stein’s anti-science “documentary,” is opening soon in Canada, and it’s already getting scathing reviews. Check this out, from From the Vancouver Sun: No intelligence allowed in Stein’s film.

Here are some excerpts, with bold added for emphasis:

Although you’re probably not aware of it, scientists, lobby groups, the media and the courts are all united in a massive conspiracy to destroy your freedom. But have no fear, freedom fighter Ben Stein is here.

That, in effect, is the thesis of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, the new anti-science “documentary” which opens across Canada on June 27, was produced by Vancouver’s Premise Media

We didn’t realize Expelled‘s producer was a Canadian firm. It’s only fair that our northern neighbors should be “treated” to a showing of this film. If your Curmudgeon were in charge of things, we’d consider sending an ultimatum to Canada: “If you ship us any more of your tainted products, we will regard it as an act of war.

Continuing with the review:

… Stein interviews well-known atheist biologists such as Richard Dawkins and P.Z. Myers — who were deceived about the purpose of the film — in an attempt to dupe people into believing that Darwinism leads to atheism. Nowhere do we hear from prominent religious biologists such as Roman Catholic Brown University cell biologist — and ID critic — Ken Miller, or evangelical Christian geneticist — and ID critic — Francis Collins, who led the Human Genome Project.

After exposing some of the many falsehoods in the film, including untrue tales of academic careers derailed by the anti-ID “Darwinist” establishment, and the wildly distorted allegations of a Darwinian connection to Hitler, the review concludes:

… I’m not particularly bothered by the existence of Expelled. For it displays, in a way a movie review never could, the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the ID movement which, unable to construct a convincing argument, resorts to dishonesty and deceit.

Hey, Ben Stein: Good luck in Canada. You’ll need it.

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