Ben Stein’s “Expelled” — A Canadian Conspiracy

AS YOU KNOW, Expelled, Ben Stein’s anti-science “documentary,” is opening soon in Canada. From the Canadian province of Alberta, the Calgary Herald gives us this fine article, with an excellent discussion of evolution, faith, and Stein’s film: Skeptics aside, evolution and faith are compatible.

This article utterly savages Expelled, which means that the article is intelligent, honest and informative. Included in the information provided is this tidbit:

The documentary was financed by an evangelical software millionaire from Vancouver.

We should have known that, as it was disclosed by Reason back in mid-April, but somehow, although we wrote about that article (Reason Reviews Ben Stein’s “Expelled”), this fact escaped us.

Now that the film is returning to the land of its principal backer, it’s appropriate to point out the film’s Canadian roots. According to the Reason article (Flunk This Movie!), which is cited in the Calgary Herald:

The film is being bankrolled by Walt Ruloff, a Christian evangelical software millionaire. A resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, Ruloff hooked up with another Expelled producer, Logan Craft, when Craft was studying with evangelical theologian J.I. Packer at Regent College in Vancouver.

That’s an unusual way for an allegedly science-oriented film to originate. The Reason article also says (with bold added for emphasis):

At an April 15 press conference for bloggers held at the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., the movie’s producers said that they plan to use the movie as part of a campaign to roll out legislation in states—so-called “freedom bills”—that would forbid anyone from “punishing” teachers and professors who question “Darwinism.” Walt Ruloff noted that the science standards of about 26 states are currently in play and that Florida was likely to pass such a “freedom bill.”

We’ve been blogging about Stein’s movie, and about the various state creationism bills, and all the time we were unaware that everything was a manifestation of — what shall we call it? — tundra madness.

Reason also tells us (with bold added for emphasis):

Asked if the movie’s makers expected any friendly interest from scientific journals, Ruloff noted that Scientific American had savaged Expelled, adding, “I would expect that any other ‘science rag’ would do exactly the same thing.”

So it’s all part of a scheme promoted not just by the Discovery Institute and their misleadingly named Academic Freedom Act, but by Canadian creationists like Walt Ruloff.

With our emphasis on the old article in Reason, please don’t forget the new article in the Calgary Herald. It’s very good and well worth your attention.

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