Louisiana Creationism News Roundup

THERE ARE SEVERAL news stories today about Louisiana’s anti-evolution legislation, so herewith we give you a sampling.

From the Daily Reveille, the student newspaper at Louisiana State University, we have: Gov. Jindal should veto anti-science Senate bill. Excerpt (bold added for emphasis):

Senate Bill 733 – a bill that innocuously “Provides for the La. Science Education Act” according to the Louisiana Legislature’s Web site – is a bill designed to weaken the teaching of evolution in public schools. The Louisiana Coalition for Science called the effort a “stealth creationism bill.”

As best as I can tell from the legislation and its proponents, the coalition is dead on. My mother always told me if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas – and any time I see a list of endorsements from the Louisiana Family Forum and the Discovery Institute listed prominently on a piece of legislation, I reach for my insecticide.

From the Advocate we have: Creation bill wrong signal . Excerpt (bold added for emphasis):

The so-called Louisiana Science Education Act is on its face a defense of academic freedom but is in reality pushed by advocates of Bible-based notions of creation and the formation of life on Earth. The open advocates of creationism have a new tack: It’s a right of teachers to explore all theories in the classroom and “update” science teaching with “supplemental” material.


More is at work here, and the lopsided legislative majorities voting for the bill know what the disingenuous supporters of it won’t admit: It’s a stalking horse for pushing religious material in science classrooms.

After criticizing Governor Jindal’s recent TV appearance on “Face the Nation” when he shamelessly equivocated about teaching creationism in state schools, the article finishes with this fine bit of writing:

The narrow-minded are on the march, in the name of open-mindedness. And the governor and Legislature are falling in step with them.

And finally we have this, from some TV station called WXVT, one of those which assumes that everyone knows where they’re located, so their website doesn’t bother to mention it. Our guess (from their weather coverage) is that they’re in Mississippi, but who knows? Anyway, they give us this: Jindal faces veto decisions.

Now that the legislative session is over, Governor Bobby Jindal is faced with decisions on several controversial issues.

At the top of the list is a legislative pay raise. Jindal has said he doesn’t like the bill that doubles lawmakers’ pay but doesn’t intend to veto it.

They’ve doubled their pay! We tremble with delight. Another excerpt:

Jindal, who will hold a news conference Tuesday afternoon, is also under pressure from some in the scientific community to veto a bill that could let public school science teachers use class materials critical of evolution theory.

Hey, that’s news! We’ll be watching our sources so we can report on Jindal’s position, if any, regarding Louisiana’s anti-science, creationism-friendly legislation.

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  1. Data for WXVT:


    It’s in Greenville, MS, on channel 15, and puts out a whopping 2.75 megaWatt signal.