Clark Kent Defeats Superman in Louisiana

Clark Kent and Superman

We’ve reported before (Creationism: the Unending Crusade) how creationists have tried, over decades, to persuade the courts that their religiously-motivated anti-evolution, anti-science, anti-reason laws are Constitutional, always meeting with failure. They’ve pretended to be what they’re not for so long that they may have actually become their disguise. Their creationist super hero has been completely vanquished by Clark Kent.

Our clue that this bizarre event has happened is found in this most curious article: ACLU Says Louisiana Science Education Bill on Evolution and Other Issues Is Fine As Written. That article was written by John West, who has lately been over-flowing with glee: Discovery Institute — Ecstasy Over Louisiana. West’s new article says (bold added for emphasis):

After all of the harrumphing by Darwinists that the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA) promotes “creationism” and is therefore unconstitutional, the director of the Louisiana ACLU has now conceded that the bill is actually fine as written

As we’ve said before, West is a Senior Fellow at the Seattle-based the Discovery Institute (the DI), where he is Associate Director of their Center for Science and Culture. That makes him one of the chief keepers of the DI’s Wedge strategy, the action blueprint for all the cdesign proponentsists (described here: Missing link: “cdesign proponentsists”).

It was the ACLU who defeated Intelligent Design in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District. It is therefore somewhat … shall we say, odd, for a hard-core Discoveroid like West to be agreeing with — and even praising — the conclusions of the ACLU. This assumes, of course, that the Discoveroids have accurately stated the ACLU’s position — a high-risk assumption, knowing how creationists are addicted to quote mining. (Full disclosure: Your Curmudgeon rarely agrees with the ACLU, but whatever may be motivating them, they seem to be okay on the subject of evolution.)

So what’s going on in Louisiana? Is the bill their legislature has passed merely a “teach good science” law? Good teachers already try to do that, so why was this legislation necessary at all? And why are all the anti-science people, like those at the Discovery Institute, suddenly in favor of good science? Their entire reason for existing has been to suppress good science and to replace it with religious dogma. (See their Wedge strategy.)

After so many failures, have creationists — at last — succeeded in drafting a law that can squeeze through the filter of the Constitution? If so, how could such a law — despite the desires of its creationist fans — possibly accomplish what its anti-science backers so obviously want to accomplish?

If the creationists have finally been reduced to promoting a flaccid law that merely says “teach good science,” then they’d better be worried about their victory. They may have to live with the consequences of being Clark Kent.

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