Open Letter to John McCain

Governor Bobby Jindal

Honorable John McCain
United States Senate
Washington, DC

Senator McCain:

Before long you will be selecting the person who will join you on the Republican ticket as your Vice Presidential running mate. Louisiana’s governor Bobby Jindal is considered to be a strong contender for that honor.

We urge you to reject Governor Jindal. You should do this, despite his many merits, because of his recent signing of Louisiana’s so-called “Louisiana Science Education Act.” That is a law which — regardless of the transparently false claims of its supporters — has no purpose other than allowing the religious doctrine of creationism to be presented in science class. That is not only unconstitutional, it is also incompetent science education.

Knowledge of biology is unnecessary for the Presidency; but personal integrity is vital, and so is rational thinking. If Jindal, a biology major, took his own exams at Brown University, it is beyond comprehension that he could be a creationist, unless some unfortunate disorder has recently unhinged his mind.

We know that you want to solidify your support among social conservatives. There must be ways to do that without selecting someone who is either: (1) a shameless panderer who is utterly unprincipled; or (2) an irrational thinker who embraces creationism despite having majored in biology at a respected university.

A person who fits either description is totally unfit for the demands of the Presidency, and if you select such a person as your running-mate it would be a disastrous decision.

When you become President, your Vice President will be — as they say — a heartbeat away from becoming President himself. This nation cannot afford the risk that it might be Jindal.

You don’t need to announce that Jindal’s creationism is the reason why you won’t choose him. There is no need to give offense unnecessarily. But please, for the safety of our country — to which you have admirably devoted your life — please don’t select Bobby Jindal.

/s/ The Curmudgeon

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8 responses to “Open Letter to John McCain

  1. I second this.

    Actually I can’t wait until he runs for national office so I can vote against him.

  2. Well … here’s what I think.If one wants to vote for McCain-then yes, hopefully he will consider someone other than Jindal. BUT– If your goal is to get the republicans out of office and a Dem in –then Jindal is the person to have as a running mate! So personally, although I respect John McCain – I hope he picks Jindal. 🙂 I think he’ll send some of the moderates over the edge to the other side!

  3. The Curmudgeon

    Yes, but assuming McCain doesn’t blunder badly, and ignoring all the current media hype, I suspect that Obama won’t win.

    Kerry actually ran against Bush (before the troop surge when the war was going badly), and he didn’t win. Although I’m only guessing, I think it’ll be really uphill for Obama, who is only running against the ghost of Bush. That means it’s likely to be McCain. So his VP choice really will be important.

  4. I hope you’re right, curmudgeon. Not surprised that Jindal signed the bill, but ye godz. Superstition in America seems to be on the rise. I’ll come down with a huge case of hives if McCain picks Jindal for VP. The same goes for Huckabee. Ack.

  5. EEEEWWWW! I forgot about Huckleberry!
    (I haven’t even had my coffee yet and you said that name!)

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  8. I’d vote for him..