Ron Sexsmith and Intelligent Design?

LIFE IS STRANGE. Your Curmudgeon was making his morning sweep for news that might be relevant to this blog, and in the New York Daily News we found this: Ron Sexsmith has an ‘Exit Strategy of the Soul’.

What? Our curiosity aroused, we looked closer. It’s a music review. A singer with the improbable name of Ron Sexsmith has a new album.

That’s nice, but how did our search for “intelligent design” lead us to this article? The musical career of Mr. Sexsmith would appear to be as far from our curmudgeonly concerns as anything could possibly be.

But buried in the review, we found it. Here’s an excerpt, with bold added for emphasis:

He’s a positive soul, but he’s no pie-eyed shill or religious zealot – even if he does have songs, like the new “This Is How I Know,” that could serve as prime arguments for intelligent design:

“From an ocean to a single wave/out of nothing came the miracle/That loved us into being/This is how I know it will be.”

The shaky grace of Sexsmith’s voice lends nuance to this potentially soft-headed sentiment.

Hey, even a music reviewer gets it!

As a matter of courtesy, we apologize in advance to Mr. Sexsmith’s fans who may be Google-directed to our humble blog and find it not to their liking. They will experience the flip-side of what happened to us when we discovered the existence of Mr. Sexsmith. Such is life on the internet.

(Did you notice how we tossed in that “flip-side” expression? A bit of music jargon there — to show that although we’re curmudgeonly, we’re cool.)

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