Food Fight: Inayat Bunglawala and Harun Yahya

MANY OF YOU will recognize the name of Harun Yahya from previous articles we’ve posted, for example: Creationist Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) Is Interviewed.

Now, from the UK’s Guardian, we have a multi-volley debate between that Muslim creationist and his coreligionist, Inayat Bunglawala, who is described elsewhere as an Assistant Secretary-General at the Muslim Council of Britain. This is a debate between Muslims, and is therefore not only a curiosity for most of us in the West, but it’s also a pleasure to read: Inayat Bunglawala v Harun Yahya.

Mr. Bunglawala is both knowledgeable and polite, and is quite adept at arguing for evolution. His creationist adversary, Harun Yahya, remains with the topic, gives the expected creationist responses, and the entire exchange is remarkably civil in its tone — a rarity in our experience.

Here are some excerpts. The pro-evolution side leads off, concluding:

Human beings are instructed in the Qur’an by God to undertake a study of the creation of the heavens and the earth. Our enemy is surely not evolution, but ignorance.

The creationist, Harun Yahya, responds:

Allah has no need of natural causes. It is sufficient for our Lord to command a thing to “Be!”. However, it is also certain that had he so wished, Allah could have made evolution responsible for the emergence and development of all entities. In that case, there should have been countless proofs of such a creation. …

But there is not a single piece of evidence on Earth showing that evolution ever happened.The fossil record contains not a single intermediate form among the many trillions that must once have lived …

It all sounds so familiar. Creationists, whether Christian or Muslim, have the same talking points. The pro-evolution side then says:

I am happy take up your challenge regarding fossils that exhibit transitional features … [a few examples are given] … Please explain how your theory of creationism fits the above known data more precisely?

The creationist replies:

The fossil record should contain strange creatures with organs not fully-developed, with pathological characteristics, with features belonging to many different species. Specimens unearthed from beneath the ground should bear the signs of a strange world like that of the “Island of Dr Moreau,” and fossils showing that strange creatures like those on the island had once existed should frequently be found.

However, all the 100 million fossils found to date show that living things in the past were perfect and flawless with all their features intact.

It goes on like that. We recommend that you click over to the Guardian and read the entire exchange.

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