Creationist Louisiana Stands Alone

BEING ALONE may mean you’re heroically in the vanguard of a new wave; or it may mean that you never got the word, and you’re being left behind. There’s not much question which it is for Louisiana and their peculiar “Louisiana Science Education Act.”

From the Advocate, in Louisiana, we have: La. alone with controversial science law. Excerpts, with bold added for emphasis:

Louisiana is the only state in the nation that has enacted a law that could change the way evolution is taught in public schools, officials said.

Lawmakers in five other states debated similar bills this year but they failed to pass, said Heather Chikoore, education policy specialist for the National Conference of State Legislatures in Denver.

Maybe that should tell them something. Continuing:

While the legislative debate is over, the arguments may resume at the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. That is because the law allows the board to ban supplemental science materials that it finds objectionable.


The issue is expected to be one of the topics at the board’s August meeting.

Something to look forward to. Continuing:

Laws like the one enacted in Louisiana have been encouraged in recent years by a Seattle group called the Discovery Institute, which promotes its views on evolution and other topics through legislative testimony, books and other means.

The law here is not identical to the group’s model proposal but close enough, said Casey Luskin, a legal officer.

“We think it’s a great bill,” Luskin said.

Indeed they do. In fact, the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids) are already gearing up to sell some “supplemental science materials” to any school board willing to buy.

Check out this bit of self-promotion by Jonathan Wells: What is Intelligent Design? He’s hawking his own book. We’ve discussed Wells earlier, in this article: Food Fight: Jonathan Wells and Richard Dawkins.

Would you buy a science book from that man? Will Louisiana?

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