Creationist Wisdom — Example Four

FOR YOUR FOURTH OF JULY reading pleasure, we present a trove of creationist wisdom from the Victoria Advocate, located in Victoria, Texas. (“We’re within two hours’ drive of Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi, and just 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.”) It is, as they say, a small town newspaper.

That venerable organ has published this: Intelligent Design reveals the wisdom of God, written by the president of the Strong Families of Victoria.

We’re going to copy most of the article. See how many factual errors, logical goofs, and examples of argumentum ex ano you can count.

The subject of Intelligent Design has been in the news lately, and it’s amazing how much resistance there is to it. There is hope, however, for quite a number of scientists are now admitting that evolution is hard to swallow and they do see the hand of an Intelligent Designer at work in the universe. Slowly but surely, the tide is turning toward Intelligent Design.

Some of the resistance comes from scientists who prefer to keep science in the realm of test and observation. I cannot fault them for that because that’s what science is all about. But for a scientist to close his mind to the obvious and refuse to believe in God on professional grounds is extreme short sightedness.

This Texas toad-brain has just acknowledged what science is, and then he claims that a scientist who doesn’t abandon professionalism and sneak a bit of God into his laboratory work is being shortsighted. We’ll skip a paragraph and then continue:

Darwin himself acknowledged this as a problem. He wrote: “To suppose that the eye . . . could have been formed by (evolution), seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree.”

Aaarrrgghhh! That idiotic claim about Darwin and the human eye keeps popping up. It’s a classic example of creationist “quote mining,” and it’s discussed in one of our earlier articles: How Did the Brain Evolve? Continuing with the article:

Sex is too complex for its origin to be explained by evolution. Males and females would have to evolve independently and the first evolved person would not have had a mate. Body organs and organ systems would have been useless until all parts were in place.

How to account for the symmetry of the body? Two eyes, ears, hands, feet; even the nose is divided into two channels.

How would the bird fly with a wing only on one side? Consider the balance mechanism in the ear, what evolutionary force could have dreamed that up?

It’s difficult to continue with this, especially if we imagine all the residents of Victoria who are nodding their heads as they read this collection of ignorance. Let’s jump to the conclusion:

To be alert to all the intricacies of our world and its ecology is to be constantly amazed at the wonder of it all. Our Creator has planned the minutest detail.

So, start thinking about Intelligent Design, it will set you on a rewarding adventure of discovery.

Well, there you are. So start thinking.

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2 responses to “Creationist Wisdom — Example Four

  1. carolinaguitarman

    “To be alert to all the intricacies of our world and its ecology is to be constantly amazed at the wonder of it all. Our Creator has planned the minutest detail.”

    Tell that to the over 99% of all species that have gone extinct. Some planning *Our Creator* did.

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