Louisiana’s Creationist Cheering Squad

HOW BAD CAN “Journalism” get? There seems to be no bottom. From TownHall.com (which was respected back when it was owned by the Heritage Foundation) we have a classic example of brain-death at the keyboard.

They’ve published a column praising the “victory” represented by Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal’s signing the fraudulently-named Louisiana Science Education Act: Evolutionists Fear Academic Freedom.

Here are some excerpts, followed by Curmudgeonly commentary:

Celebrate the courage of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal in the fight for freedom. He has shown tremendous courage in signing the Louisiana Science Education Bill, an important blow for academic freedom.

Right! If you’re thrilled about the “freedom” to preach religion in public school science class, then Jindal’s betrayal of his education (he was a biology major at Brown University) and his oath of office is well worth celebrating. Continuing:

“Our freedom to think and consider more than one option is part of what has given America her competitive edge in the international marketplace of ideas,” said biology scientist Caroline Crocker to the Louisiana House Committee on Education. “The current denial of academic freedom rights for those who are judged politically incorrect may put this in jeopardy.”

Crocker? Caroline Crocker? Ah yes, that name rings a bell. She’s one of those so-called victims of the “Darwinist” establishment mentioned in Expelled, Ben Stein’s crock. You can read some accurate information about Crocker here: Caroline Crocker, provided by the National Center for Science Education.

For more about how the Louisiana legislature loaded up their hearings with creationists, to create a fraudulent record of an academic controversy that justified their anti-science, creationism-friendly legislation, we’ve written earlier on that subject: Louisiana Legislature Used Creation Science Witnesses.

Let’s have one more excerpt from the TownHall article:

Many reputable scientists and scholars disagree with Darwin’s theory of evolution and certainly challenge it. Evolutionists say they don’t want biased religious views forced on students. Ironically, Darwin’s evolutionary theory is based is atheistic naturalism, a religious belief.

Of those three sentences, only the second is true; but they said it in order to claim that it’s false. This is yet another example of the same old foolishness, endlessly repeated, because the creationist toad-brains all copy from the same worthless sources.

Oh, wait! One more excerpt (bold added for emphasis):

Scientist Casey Luskin, a scholar with the Discovery Institute said, “We would like to see evolution taught in an unbiased fashion and also want students to learn how to think like scientists and to weigh the evidence for and against.”

Scientist Casey Luskin? Scientist??? Well, yes — for minimal definitions of “scientist.” By such a standard, my goldfish is also a scientist; and I don’t even have a goldfish.

Doesn’t anyone do any fact-checking any more? Not at TownHall.

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