Upcoming debate on Louisiana Science Education Act

THANKS TO A TIP from “John,” we learned of a small notice at the end of this article in the Advocate in Baton Rouge: Political Briefs for July 13.

Here’s an excerpt, which is the only part that matters (bold added by us):

Two officials to speak at Press Club

At Monday’s meeting of the Press Club of Baton Rouge, retired Judge Darrell White, founder of the Louisiana Family Forum, and attorney Michael Wolf are scheduled to discuss the impact and likely court challenge to the Science Education Act.

The measure allows teachers and school boards across the state to present alternatives to the scientific theory of evolution.

The Press Club meeting is at noon and open to the public at De La Ronde Hall, 320 Third Street.

You will recall that the Louisiana Family Forum was instrumental in getting the legislature to enact the Louisiana Science Education Act. And if you want to learn something of the creationist views of Judge White, check out his own website: Origins Science: “Teaching the Controversy”.

Presumably the Monday event will be tomorrow, 14 July. We’ll be looking for reports of what the learned judge had to say.

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4 responses to “Upcoming debate on Louisiana Science Education Act

  1. Hmmm.

    What ever happened to the idea that alternatives to scientific theory have, at a minimum, successfully tested hypotheses that in some way reflect the data.

    Contrary to some peoples wishes, teaching a scientific theory that has been extensively tested is far different than teaching literature, art appreciation, or any of the classes that are primarily opinion. You can’t just declare what is to be taught in a science class any more than you can math, they both have an inherent distance from opinion and need to be taught from the position of authority.

    Any alternative must have undergone the same rigorous testing and critical analysis underlying the acceptance of the currently favoured theory and prove to be a more rational, parsimonious, and more importantly, better fitting explanation.

    I haven’t seen any of this in the proposed ‘alternatives’.

    What I have seen is the undeserved and potentially damaging elevation of mere opinion to the level of science.

    Wake up Louisiana, you are being suckered into supporting an anti-science agenda, not advancing the freedom of speech as you have been sold.

  2. The website of the redoubtable Judge White even includes links to and article by the Discovery Institute’s own in-house Moonie, Dr. Wells.

    Funny how the ‘usual suspects’ keep popping up time after time. The recidivism of Creationists is becoming truly notorious…

  3. The Curmudgeon

    The colorful vocabulary of the Cold War, which described communists and their supporters, was useful and it shouldn’t be discarded merely because the USSR is gone.

    The same linguistic terms can be recycled for use with creationism. Thus there are the card-carrying creationists (ICR), covert creationists (Discoveroids), sympathizers, fellow travelers, and dupes (a/k/a useful idiots).

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