Creation Museum Commercials on Fox News

MANY OF YOU have heard of Ken Ham, and you’re probably aware of — but haven’t visited — his Creation Museum, which was recently built in Petersburg, Kentucky and is said to have cost $27 million.

We’ve just learned this: Creation Museum to be Advertised on Fox News. Excerpt:

This week, AiG begins a national launch of the Creation Museum’s award winning TV commercial on the Fox News channel, taking advantage of a national network that hundreds of thousands of our supporters watch on a regular basis—the number one network in news with programming like Fox and Friends.

The article provides links where — if you want — you can view two of the museum’s commercials. (No, we haven’t seen them.)

We watch Fox News. But we have a mute button, and we plan to use it.

Update: See Answers in Genesis: Taking the Low Road.

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11 responses to “Creation Museum Commercials on Fox News

  1. Time to quit watching Fox news.

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  3. Maybe ‘Answers in Genesis’ should borrow and adapt Fox’s tag line:

    “We distort, you believe…”

  4. Is it just me as an outsider, or is the political conflict joining with the religious conflict in the US?

    A while back it looked like the chasm between creationists and science was separate from the political polarization, now it looks as though the Republicans have strongly sided with the creationists and the Dems have stayed as they were, kinda half-n-half.

    And what the hell is with this growing anti-science sentiment down there? First it was the loonie extreme left with their naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, crystal gazing, alternative mind states and other nonsense, now the rest of the country is taking it up and the far right, including the media, is attacking science from the religious side.

  5. The Curmudgeon

    The “problem” is the South. They were solidly democrat since the end of Reconstruction (that’s the polite term for military occupation) after the Civil War. After nearly a century, they broke with that party when Lyndon Johnson “betrayed” them by supporting civil rights legislation.

    Seeing an opportunity, Nixon invited the South to consider joining up with the Republicans. Ironically, the Republicans always supported civil rights — and still do — but that issue was gone, so the South switched parties out of spite, perhaps. It’s benefited the Republicans in national elections.

    But the people of the South are every bit as creationist today as they were back in the days of the Scopes Trial (William Jennings Bryan was a democrat). So now that voting block is part of the Republican “base” and they get pandered to.

    The democrat party never pandered to them. They were just ignored and allowed to run their segregated societies. As long as they supported the dem party nationally, they were left alone. Not nice, but it’s the real history of that party — which they’re frantically re-writing to claim that they were always the good guys.

    Without racial segregation to console them, the people of the South focus on other issues — so called “social values.” They run around claiming to be the heart and soul of the Republican party. In truth, they’re very late arrivals, and they’re trying to change everything around to suit their peculiar views.

  6. Thanks for the American history lesson Curmudgeon.
    (I really need to find a shorter name for you, Curmudgeon is just too long for my attention span)

    Is the Republican party evolving into a creation party? From my limited experience with the American political scene, the number and volume of creationist BS at conservation sites has increased substantially in the last few years. eg. FreeRepublic.

    That may be an illusion caused by the abandonment of those sites by scientists and other secular professionals, leaving a denser concentration of raving moonbats or simply a false perception caused by the volume and poor quality of the creationist opinion.

    There is some truth to the observation that desperation increases meaningless noise and volume, so perhaps they are tad bit afraid of disappearing.

    I sure hope so.

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  8. I’m surprised that you watch Fox News at all. Someone as insightful as you shouldn’t need their news to be censored to eliminate “inconvenient” facts. Not that there are many better alternatives, but still, FN is pretty extreme.

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