Creationist Candidates at Cape Canaveral

LOOKING FOR EVIDENCE that Western Civilization is doomed? You’ve come to the right place. But first, brace yourself to be grumpy all day. Then read on …

In Florida Today, a Gannett newspaper located in Brevard County, the location of Cape Canaveral, we have an eye-opening article about the views of candidates for state House Districts 29, 30 and 80 and Senate District 24, as revealed during a recent candidate forum: Candidates differ on drilling.

We found a map showing the location of Florida House Districts 29, 30 and 80, and all others too. As expected from the general sense of the article, these candidates seek to represent the location of mankind’s greatest adventure — space travel.

One would think that here — a place that styles itself the “Space Coast” — we should find pro-science citizens seeking to represent this extra-ordinary area in their state’s legislature.

Dream on. Here are the candidates’ responses to this question:

Do you believe in evolution and do you support the right of teachers to incorporate teaching creationism?

McCarville: “I do believe we should teach science in the science classes and religion in the religion classes.”

Poppell: “I believe in creation, intelligent design,” Poppell said. “I will not argue with someone who believes in evolution. They know more about their ancestors than I do.”

Holton: He believes in the separation of church and state. “I support intelligent design. It is theory-based, and it’s something that I support.”

Tidd: She believes religion should be taught during religious classes. “Evolution is not a belief. It’s a scientific process, and we should teach science in the classroom.”

Workman: He believes both creationism and evolution should be taught in school. “I believe in creationism. I believe that the mighty hand of the Lord created the earth and everything on it.”

Abarbanell: He said there are portions of evolution “that don’t make sense to me as a biologist — again these are theories.” He said it’s acceptable to teach creationism. There’s nothing wrong with teaching it.”

So there you are, Curmudgeon fans. Of the six candidates who responded, it appears that only two are sane: McCarville and Tidd. As for the rest — the brain-eating aliens are taking over Cape Canaveral. We’re doomed!

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4 responses to “Creationist Candidates at Cape Canaveral

  1. Depressing.

    Even more depressing when you look at party affiliation: McCarville, Tidd, and Abarbanell are Democrats, Poppell, Holton, and Workman are Republicans.

    Which, on an admittedly very small sample, nonetheless gives the GOP a 100% Cretardation rate, against 33.3% for their opponents.


  2. The Curmudgeon

    Yes, but this GOP=creationism formula isn’t even close to being universally true. Louisiana’s legislature is an example. The dems were the big-time creationism supporters. I’ve been looking at some Kansas school board races (because of my passion for Kathy Martin). Lots of GOP candidates are pro-science.

  3. I feel so sorry for you, really I do.

    I’m thinking of running for the local school board just to inject some creationist flavour into it.

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