‘Expelled’ to Be Re-Released?

THIS IS A STRANGE item. At the website of Fox News we find this: Anti-Evolution film ‘Expelled’ to Be Re-Released Following Court Victory Over Yoko Ono.

What’s going on? The film probably didn’t break even in the US, and it just bombed out in Canada. Now they’re planning a re-release?

Here are some excerpts from the Fox article, along with Curmudgeonly commentary:

In June, Ono lost her Manhattan legal battle to block the use of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” in the film, which challenges the theory of evolution. Ono, Lennon’s widow, argued that the makers of “Expelled” used parts of the song without her permission.

As we understand it, Yoko Ono lost only her petition for a preliminary injunction, but the case is still very much alive. If it’s not, we’ll post a correction; although the status of that litigation isn’t the key to this article. Continuing:

“We had many individuals and groups who had planned to see the film, but decided not to because the cloud of doubt this lawsuit brought to the film,” noted one of the film’s producers, John Sullivan.

Creationists never disappoint us. Does anyone believe that guy? Is there even one person in the whole universe who decided not to see that movie because of Yoko Ono’s lawsuit? These guys are really desperate for excuses! Another excerpt:

“We came out of the gate with strong momentum only to have our integrity questioned by this frivolous lawsuit. While we’re thrilled with the film’s having earned nearly $8 million during its first run; we’ve heard from enough people and groups who want to see it in their theaters that we’ve agreed to re-release it this time without an undeserved cloud over its head.”

Trust us, it wasn’t the alleged copyright violation that caused your integrity to be questioned. The integrity — rather, the lack thereof — of the entire creationist enterprise is well known.

One final snippet:

Working in conjunction with the film’s distributor Rocky Mountain Pictures, “Expelled” will be made available to any group of 250-300 people at a cost of low as $6 per ticket.

That’s the re-release they’re talking about. Old news. Theaters won’t commit to showing this film again — not without a guaranteed paid-in-advance audience. We already reported on this over a month ago: Expelled: Back Again (Almost).

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4 responses to “‘Expelled’ to Be Re-Released?

  1. A minimum of 250 people? Good Lord, I can’t get 10 people to agree to meet at a designated time and place on a specific day. And they really think this is going to work? Wow, that marketing company is really worth the money they’re still spending.

    Worse still, check this out: They actually went and cut the “Imagine” sequence, you know, that whopping all-important 15 seconds of their film, from what appears to be most of the prints sent to Canada recently. This from the co-screenwriter himself:

    “Thanks for the feedback, Charlie. Glad you enjoyed the film. We had to cut the Imagine piece b/c at the time we were planning the Canadian release, the Yoko Ono lawsuit was still not settled. We did win the case prior to the release, but by then the change had already been made.
    Posted by:Kevin Miller | July 03, 2008 at 01:38 PM”


    You may have to scroll down on the link to get to the post quoted. It’s about halfway down.

    Read my rant a little further down if you dare. (I’m Terpsichore, as if you couldn’t tell).

    However, at his website, you’ll also find a funny video clip that apparently is on The YouTube. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth checking out. It’s short but cute. I think y’all get a kick out of it.


  2. The Curmudgeon

    I read that blog, saxygal, but I didn’t write about it because I didn’t regard that fellow as a reliable source (too close to the movie). But thanks for the comment.

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