Kathy Martin: Creationism in Kansas Politics

WE WILL TAKE any opportunity to post this picture:

Kathy Martin of Kansas

Kathy Martin of Kansas

In the Abilene Reflector-Chronicle we read: GOP primary candidates introduced at event. What kind of “event” was it? We read:

Dickinson County Republicans had an opportunity Monday to meet candidates, particularly those in contested primaries, during the “Snack-and-Chat” at the Senior Citizens Center.

Whoa, baby! This is shaping up to be a really hot story.

But you want news of Kathy, about whom we previously reported: Kathy Martin, Kansas Creationist, Up for Reelection. Here you go (bold added for emphasis):

Attending from the District 6 State Board of Education, was incumbent Kathy Martin, Clay Center, first elected in 2004, and her Republican challenger, Bill Pannbacker, a Washington County grain and livestock farmer who at one time was a veterinarian.

Exciting, huh? We are also informed:

District 6 includes Abilene and and Solomon as well as Grant and Lincoln Townships.

Okay, but what about the evolution-creationism issue that tore Kansas apart a couple of years ago and made that state the joke of the universe? Is Kathy going to keep fighting the good fight? We’re not told. Instead, we read:

Martin, said that during her term, the board of education has been engaged in meeting the outcomes of Kansans and what they expect in K-12 education. She believes in reforms in which students can experience tangible success from what they are taught, which represents success teachers can see in the classroom.

“We have seen pockets of success,” Martin said.

Kathy, the only “success” in your state has been the reversal of your “superstition in science class” education standards. Don’t want to talk about that? Why not? It’s what you’re known for.

This campaign “event” is boring! We want more hearings about creationism, we want debates about Noah’s Ark. What’s happened to our Kathy? Perhaps we’ll have more to report as the campaign goes along, because we want this story to drag on:

The winner will face Democrat Christopher Renn, Manhattan, in the general election in November.

Come on, Kathy. Teach the controversy!

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4 responses to “Kathy Martin: Creationism in Kansas Politics

  1. I wonder if she’ll be importing any Turkish Creationists to endorse her candidacy?


  2. That would be her Turkish Delight.

  3. When will she start peeping into people’s homes?

  4. The Curmudgeon

    Whatever she does, it’s for your own good.