Kansas: Going Creationist Again?

BRAIN-DEAD PEOPLE, REJOICE! Kansas could be making a comeback as the craziest state in the union.

We’ve previously reported about Kathy Martin, Kansas Creationist, Up for Reelection. When we wrote that, it was an exercise in nostalgia. We had all but forgotten the laughter Kansas brought on itself in 2005, when their state Board of Education conducted hearings on evolution that were nothing but a show-trial, with testimony from a collection of pseudo-science cranks (including Mustafa Akyol, an Islamic creationist), all of which was guided by the mind-numbing influence of the Discovery Institute.

When the hearings were over, the board did what it had intended to do from the start. They actually voted to re-define “science” in Kansas. Henceforth, they decided, within their sacred borders science would include supernatural explanations. You can read up on it here: Kansas evolution hearings.

Those were great days for Kansas jokes, but it didn’t last long. First, the situation was eclipsed by news out of Pennsylvania about Kitzmiller v Dover Area School District in late 2005. And the following year, the good people of Kansas corrected things by electing a few sane members to their state Board of Education.

But the glory days of Kansas jokes may be coming back. In the Lawrence Journal-World we read: Election may create new challenge to evolution. Excerpts, with bold added for emphasis:

Five seats on the 10-member board are up for election this year, and of those, three are held by moderates who are not seeking re-election.

Moderates now hold a 6-4 advantage over social conservatives on the board, so flipping one of those moderate seats to a conservative would create a 5-5 tie.

Sanity has a precarious hold on that board. Continuing:

Flipping two moderate seats would produce a conservative majority and could renew the battle against evolution that has brought attention to Kansas several times during the past decade.

The article then gives a district-by-district rundown on the candidates for each seat. We can’t get worked up enough to read through such material. It’s sufficient for now to know that if you’ve been looking for a state to laugh at (besides Louisiana), you may soon have Kansas again.

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