Visit the AAAS and NCSE Websites

READING DAILY NEWS accounts about the never-ending struggle to keep science in science classes (and supernatural oogity-boogity out), it’s sometimes easy to ignore all the good material that exists, readily available as a resource when you’re preparing to speak at a school board meeting, to call a talk radio show, or if you want to write a letter to the editor.

Therefore, we want to remind you to visit the website of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Most of you know who they are. The AAAS has 262 affiliated societies and academies of science, serving 10 million individuals. They publish Science, which has the largest paid circulation of any peer-reviewed general science journal in the world, with an estimated total readership of one million.

They have a special site devoted entirely to the topic which concerns us here: Evolution on the Front Line. If you haven’t visited that site lately, it’s worth the time to click over there and look around.

In particular, we’d like to call your attention to this one-page item they offer in their “Resources” section, where it’s called Talking Points / Qs and As for Teachers. They pack a lot of good material into one page.

Another excellent site with great resources is Eugenie Scott’s National Center for Science Education. That organization played a key role in winning the 2005 Dover litigation. You really should take time to visit their Resources section.

So don’t get discouraged by the daily struggle with the forces of foolishness. There are plenty of good people working at good institutions doing good work. And the good guys are ultimately going to win.

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