Sixth International Conference on Creationism

HOW SHALL WE handle this one? We’ll play it straight. This news is from the website of Institute for Creation Research, or ICR. According to the Wikipedia article about them, which is here:

The ICR adopts the Bible as an inerrant and literal documentary of scientific and historical fact as well as religious and moral truths, and espouses a Young Earth creationist world view. It strongly rejects the science of evolutionary biology, which it views as a corrupting moral and social influence and threat to religious belief.

Their founder is Henry M. Morris. Wikipedia says that Morris is considered by many to be “the father of modern creation science.”

With that as background information, we want to inform you about the Sixth International Conference on Creationism (or ICC), of which ICR is a sponsor. According to the ICC’s website:

This premier scientific conference features original peer-reviewed papers and special evening presentations by the world’s leading creation science researchers and speakers …

Peer-reviewed creationist papers! That’s exciting, isn’t it? We know you’re all wondering — when is this event? And where? It’s August 3-7, 2008, in Pittsburgh. That’s next week, but there’s probably still time for you to make arrangements.

And check this out:

The following list represents a sample of the many excellent paper abstracts that have been accepted:
* Big Bang: Fact or Fiction?
* The Beginning of Human Life: Re-Evaluating the Biblical Evidence
* Relativistic String Dynamics Support Biblical Creationism
* The Origin of the Elements
* Electrodynamic Origin of the Force of Gravity
* Oceanic Circulation Trends … during Noah’s Flood
* Our Solar System: Balancing Biblical and Scientific Considerations

You can learn a lot of creation science at an event like this! But wait, there’s more:

What People Are Saying:
“The ICCs have been the premier creationist venue for dissemination of quality research, because of the high standards and the caliber of the contributors. Many major advances in building the Creation model have been reported at past ICCs. The fellowship and discussions over meals have aided ongoing research efforts. So this is a must-attend conference!”

“The ICC is the venue where creationist researchers report their progress to a live audience of their peers. The conference documents the advancement of the creationist model in verbal, hard-copy, and electronic forms. If you want to mingle with the movers and shakers of cutting-edge creationist research, Pittsburgh is the place to be in August of 2008.”

Okay now, let’s see a show of hands — how many of you will be going?

Anyone … anyone?

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