Kathy Martin: Kansas Primary Election Tomorrow

Kathy Martin of Kansas

Kathy Martin of Kansas

THIS MAY BE the end of the road for Kathy, the queen of the Kansas creationists. It’s been a long road — littered with potholes, craters, and other impassible obstacles — all of them caused by Kathy herself.

She’s being challenged by a sane Republican for her seat on the Kansas Board of Education. We are reminded by the Abilene Reflector-Chronicle in this article: Primary voters to choose finalists, that Tuesday is election day for the primaries.

We’re already provided information about Kathy’s chaotic effect on Kansas, most recently here: Bleeding Kansas: Pawn in the War for the Enlightenment.

It’s entertaining to be an observer of the absurd, and at that level it would be a pity to lose Kathy. But at a more realistic level — preserving Western Civilization — people like her should be kept out of decision-making positions.

All that remains now is to see whether Kathy or her more rational opponent prevails in tomorrow’s primary. If Kathy wins, we’ll have many more articles to write about madness in Kansas. Her loss will signal a continuation of the recent phase of sanity in that state’s science education.

But don’t worry about your Curmudgeon’s blogging career. Louisiana alone will be enough to keep us busy.

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7 responses to “Kathy Martin: Kansas Primary Election Tomorrow

  1. It behooves me to point out, to both the Sensuous Curmudgeon and the Tundra Boy, that it is unseemly for them to vie for the affections of our (that is, British) Dr. Judson, when on their own side of the Atlantic dwells such an outstanding exemplar of pulchritude and intellectual splendour as Kathy Martin.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. I should like to point out that there are many possible examples of trans-Atlantic pairing: a century ago, my side had Thomas Edison, while the UK had Jack the Ripper.

  3. See: “Was Jack the Ripper an American?” at http://www.prairieghosts.com/ripper.html

  4. 9:53 pm EST – Kathy Martin out in front – 64% to 36%. Only 6 out of 441 precincts reporting so far.

  5. Scratch that … it’s getting better already!
    Getting better! 54%-46% !

  6. I found this:

    “Conservative Kathy Martin, of Clay Center, the only incumbent seeking re-election, had 54 percent of the vote in the 6th District against moderate Bill Pannbacker, with 4 percent of precincts reporting. ”

    Too early to know anything yet. I’ll post a new article in the morning.

  7. Most of the precincts now reporting — Martin leads her opponent 51%/49%