John Freshwater, suspended Ohio teacher: Update

WE HAVE NO IDEA if the accusations against suspended Ohio school teacher John Freshwater (that he was teaching creationism, branding his students, etc.) are true or some wild fantasy. But his saga continues.

In the Columbus Dispatch we read: Freshwater defends self in meeting. Excerpts:

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — A suspended Mount Vernon science teacher was like a rock star in the crowded auditorium of Bible-clutching, American-flag-waving people last night.

A science teacher like a rock star? Okay. Reading on:

Freshwater denied ever branding a cross into a student’s arm, and he said he never taught creationism to his students.

Maybe so. But there certainly are two sides to this story. When that same newspaper was reporting on this back in June, things seemed different: Mount Vernon board votes to fire science teacher. Continuing with today’s article:

So many people showed up at last night’s school-board meeting that it had to be moved from the Mount Vernon Middle School library to its auditorium. About 500 people came to hear Freshwater address the board; most were there to support him.


Freshwater pointed out last night that his personnel file is solid and that he has a good record as a teacher.

“In my personnel file — all 240 pages of it — I have no reprimands. It’s clean, it’s absolutely clean,” he said.

When this story first broke, it seemed like it was rather simple. Now it appears that it’s far from over.

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