Kathy Martin: “It’s in the good Lord’s hands.”

Kathy Martin of Kansas

Kathy Martin of Kansas

Yes, Curmudgeon fans, we’re back! It’s been a sleepless night. We’ve all been wondering what would happen to our Kathy Martin, the queen of the Kansas creationists.

In this article, the Topeka Capital-Journal informs us: Local dentist wins state ed board primary:

In the District 6 race, incumbent Kathy Martin, 62, was more focused on reading late Tuesday than watching her lead grow in election returns.

“It’s always been in the good Lord’s hands,” she said. “That’s where I left it.”

Ah, then if she wins, she’ll be on a mission from God. We read on:

Martin was defeating Bill Pannbacker, 59, in the Republican primary with 52 percent of the vote. Of 441 precincts, 432 had reported results in the northeast and north-central Kansas race.

What? No final results yet? Continuing:

Martin is the only incumbent seeking re-election to the state board. A retired teacher from Clay Center, Martin has been a staunch conservative during her time on the board, pushing in 2005 to add criticisms of evolution to the state science standards.

Yes, we remember. And we remember the insanity of the Kansas evolution hearings, after which the Kansas State Board of Education actually voted to change the definition of science so that it would include supernatural phenomena. Oogity boogity!

Stay tuned. We expect to have more results later today.


Update: From the Salina Journal we have this news: Martin, Slattery Winners in Primary Election. Excerpt:

In the Republican race for the 6th District of the Kansas State School Board, incumbent Kathy Martin topped challenger Bill Pannbacker 15,329 to 14,149.

As a rational person, your Curmudgeon is disappointed. As a blogger, we look forward to reporting about all the foolishness that Kansas is likely endure. But before things begin to spiral downhill, there’s the general election in November. Kathy’s Democrat opponent isn’t a creationist. Stay tuned.

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4 responses to “Kathy Martin: “It’s in the good Lord’s hands.”

  1. It’s over:

    Member, State Board of Education 006 (R)
    Precincts Reporting: 441 of 441
    Candidate Votes %
    R-Kathy Martin 15329 52%

    R-Bill Pannbacker 14149 48%

    source: http://www.wibw.com/elections

  2. It’s too bad.

    I have some better news though!
    Paris Hilton responds to John McCain.

  3. I added an “update” to the main article to report the final results. Go, Kathy! Teach the controversy!

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