Rogue Faction Controls Texas Board of Education

WE HAVE REPORTED previously about the anti-science, anti-evolution pro-creationist policies of dentist Don McLeroy, Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) chairman. For example: Texas Dentist’s Jihad Against Evolution; and here, where we gave you a peek into McLeroy’s own website: Texas Anti-Evolution Debate: Pure Creationism.

It appears that things are only just starting to come to a boil. In the Fort Worth Star-Telegram we read: Texas Board of Education under control of a rogue faction with a specific agenda. Here are some excerpts:

On July 16, the House Public Education Committee requested that McLeroy answer questions about the TEKS adoption process. Some observers say he hanged himself. But in the words of a Monty Python character, he’s “not dead yet.”

What’s TEKS? The article described that earlier:

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills are the standards of school content, defining what students need to learn as they progress from grade to grade and what they are tested on at the end of the year.

Okay now, did McLeroy really hang himself? The article continues:

In fact, he’s thumbing his nose at legislators. His testimony was circular and evasive and, according to knowledgeable educators, at times deceptive. Video of the committee meeting can be seen on the committee Web site at

That sounds like a fun site to visit, but only if you need a lesson in creationist integrity. Continuing:

McLeroy’s testimony and answers to questions from state Reps. Diane Patrick, R-Arlington; Dora Olivo, D-Richmond; and Donna Howard, D-Austin; revealed McLeroy’s rejection of sound educational practices.


Educators who testified about the quality of the adopted TEKS described them in the worst of terms. Flawed. Full of gaps. Costly to local school districts. Damaging to children.


Legislators also learned that the board’s rogue faction rejected a math textbook without reason. They broke the law.

Conclusion: The law applies only at these politicians’ pleasure.

Yes, that’s how it is. When one dons the invincible armor of The Truth, it’s quite all right to lie to the infidels and unbelievers, and to ignore their laws and constitutions. Such behavior will be forgiven. Lying and law-breaking in a glorious cause is a good thing, you see. It’s all so obvious.

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One response to “Rogue Faction Controls Texas Board of Education

  1. LOL. They booted McLeroy off the committee. It seems that rationality might actually be found in Texas for once.

    Maybe Texas will lose its status as America’s Anus.

    Nah. But its a step in the right direction.