Don McLeroy: Texas Creationist Evades the Issue

WHEN WE LAST talked about the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), it was to discuss the anti-science, anti-evolution pro-creationist policies of that board’s chairman, dentist Don McLeroy. Our article was Rogue Faction Controls Texas Board of Education, which discussed a story appearing in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Today, that same newspaper carries this article: Texas education board doing its job, and it’s written by none other than the board’s chairman, Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist himself. At the end of the article the paper mentions that McLeroy wrote it in response to criticism which had appeared in the paper.

So what does the creationist dentist say in his defense?

Nothing! Not a word about the madness of creationism. He talks about the benefits of having state curriculum standards, and the benefits of an elected State Board of Education. He talks about the “tough policy decisions” that have been made, like the selection of phonics books and stand-alone spelling books, declaring: “Neither would have happened if it had been left to the bureaucrats and educational establishment.”

How very nice. Then he goes on to discuss — but only in the most general terms — the role of the SBOE in establishing the state’s curriculum standards, declaring: “the SBOE takes these decisions very seriously.”

Isn’t that grand?

Then he mentions one of the board’s previous accomplishments — improving the state’s English standards, and he tosses in some additional fluff and blather. Finally the piece concludes with this:

Texans should be proud of their education board; it is doing a good job in Austin and the state is being well-served. It is my honor and privilege to serve with my fellow members.

Hey, McLeroy! That was an utterly worthless article!

What about your religious obsession with jamming Noah’s Ark and all that other creationist nonsense into Texas science classes? That’s what the people want you to write about. What you’ve done here is write an empty, and yes — cowardly — “defense” of your board that intentionally avoids the biggest controversy of all.

Stop hiding, McLeroy! Come on out and defend your creationism!

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