Richard Dawkins Challenged by Creationist Harun Yahya

The Guardian in the UK has this on their science blog: Creationist challenges Dawkins. The sub-headline reads: Richard Dawkins has been challenged to a public debate by an eccentric Turkish creationist. Here are some excerpts:

Richard Dawkins is used to being provoked by loony American evangelical creationists. But his latest challenge comes from a strange Turkish figure called Harun Yahya whose lavishly produced (and frankly preposterous) four-volume tome The Atlas of Creation caused a stir last year when it was sent to thousands of academics across Europe.

Yahya (real name Adnan Oktar) has invited Dawkins to debate Darwin’s theory of evolution with him publicly. Yahya believes the theory “has lately suffered a global collapse”.

This is surprising — not the challenge by Harun Yahya, but his ability to do it. The last we heard, he was appealing a conviction, as we reported here: Creationist Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) Is Interviewed. Anyway, more about his challenge to Dawkins:

Although coming from a Muslim rather than a Christian perspective, Yahya’s approach to promoting the creationist argument will be familiar to evolutionary biologists. He selectively quotes from scientists. He claims tiny statistical probabilities that biological structures could have appeared by chance – but conveniently ignores the fact that the jump from nothing to complete structure that these probabilities imply is entirely different from the gradual changes produced by natural selection. He triumphantly cites the Piltdown Man hoax as evidence that evolutionary biologists are out to dupe us all, even though the century-old fake is irrelevant to the evidence for evolution.

This is good stuff! We recommend that you read the whole article. Oh, we must add this last excerpt:

In the Turkish courts, Yahya’s organisation is currently using blasphemy laws to fight the publication of Dawkins’ book The God Delusion. [Emphasis supplied.]

“We are not against democracy, but no one can insult or defame our belief,” Yahya’s press assistant Seda Aral told me.

Ah yes, blasphemy laws. That’s how it will be here too if the creationists ever get their way.

The article mentions that Dawkins is unlikely to accept this challenge. We understand his unwillingness to give unwarranted publicity to a creationist — but an event like that would certainly be entertaining.

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7 responses to “Richard Dawkins Challenged by Creationist Harun Yahya

  1. Adnan Oktar is a lazy “cut and paste” creationist. He can’t even be bothered to formulate his own arguments against evolution, not that he understands evolution. He is just trying the old “Look everybody an enemy! Lets unite against them, with me as leader!” ploy on Muslims.
    The problem is that this leader is a blackmailing sex pest with messianic intentions.

  2. If Dawkins doesn’t want to give unwarranted publicity to Harun Yahya, why did he talk about his book “Atlas of Creation” (for 40 minutes) in a conference organized by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain? Dawkins is a snob.
    You can watch that particular talk on Google Video.

  3. Zaki bawi

    Do not Accuse Innocent People

    Adnan Oktar was arrested and imprisoned nine months in a cell for his intellectual activities opposing materialism and atheism and also 14 months he was chained to a bad in a mental Hospital. In that period he made the important basis of his works. What do you think “copied and pasted” while chained to a bed , or while being tortured in a cell. Can you enlighten us about this subject ?

    Adnan Oktar proves with his works that all living things have remained unchanged for hundreds of millions of years and that they had never evolved at all. With the help of his Works today everybody knows that theory of evolution has no scientific worth and is kept in the spotlight out of ideological concerns and there are 250 million

    And if he were a deviant Person as you say all Godless Media And Atheist Sionists would praise him not try to put him jail.

    And also what u say is a proof that he is a sincere believer because Trough time all sincere believers like Abraham, Lut, Moses, Aaron, Mary, Jesus, Mohammad, Rumi , (Pbot) encountered such accusations like deviant, mad, sex pervert. As you see this is a sign that he’s on the right Path and be sure that He’s proud of such accusations because he is treated like the Best of the Best People. (Most problaly the names above do not mean anything to you and would also be defined as Mad, charlatans, sex pervert, then there is nothing wrong in it. Because this is destiny. You can not behave any other way.)
    Sincere people who want to know the real the person which you try to humiliate can visit his website and read about him.

    And those who annoy believing men and women undeservedly, bear (on themselves) a calumny and a glaring sin. (Surah Al-Ahzab, 58)

  4. desmon, take your fantasies and your personal feuds someplace else.

  5. Seda Razana

    Whenever their cult messiah is criticised the fanatical cultists crawl out of the wood work to spam more of their fantasies onto the offending sites.
    Riza and Desmon79 pull your heads out of your asses and try reading The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins, or Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne. Then you might have absorbed enough real science to be qualified to have an opinion on it.

  6. Dawkins speechees are utterly hate-filled. [Rant deleted.]

  7. Goodbye, TalhaAhmed.