Louisiana’s BESE: Where Are You?

YOU ALREADY KNOW about the misleadingly named “Louisiana Science Education Act,” an anti-science, anti-evolution, pro-creationism law recently enacted by Louisiana’s creationist legislature and then signed by their creationist governor, Bobby Jindal. This law authorizes the use of unspecified “supplementary materials” — wink, wink — for teaching evolution in state-run science classes.

We’ve previously explained the current bureaucratic setup in Louisiana, and how the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) has the legal authority to make rules for approving those statutorily unspecified “supplementary materials.”

Some background material is here: Science Education in Louisiana: Update. In that article, we mentioned that BESE had a meeting scheduled for 19 August, and that the issue of “academic freedom” to use “supplementary materials” was on the agenda.

So what happened? We’ve been scanning our news sources. We’ve been in touch with our far-flung network of covert agents. So far there is total silence on this topic — a news blackout, which is usually bad news indeed.

When we learn of something, we’ll report it. Until then, the kiddies are starting school, the teachers have “academic freedom” to teach Noah’s Ark as good science, and Louisiana education continues to be a joke.

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One response to “Louisiana’s BESE: Where Are You?

  1. After analyzing aspects of the law that are often missed in the discussion, I’ve suggested that BESE should seek an opinion from the AG as to who will pay the legal costs under different litigation scenarios. Even if the AG ignores the request, a public request by BESE could by itself make clear to district (Parish) boards the likelihood of costs not being borne by BESE or the State. See