Discovery Institute — Stunning Hypocrisy!

WE HAVE PREVIOUSLY documented numerous instances of dishonesty on the part of creationists and their closeted cousins, the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids).

For just a few such articles, check out: Discovery Institute: Their Biggest Lie? and this one: Discovery Institute: Most Ironic Title Ever! or try this: Discovery Institute — Deny, Deny, Deny!

In other words, the entire Discoveroid enterprise is inherently dishonest [as defined below], and this radiates out to their faith-based network of accomplices — card-carrying creationists, fellow travelers, and useful idiots — occupying posts in various school boards and legislatures around the country.

You like that cold war terminology? It’s quite useful when combating an ideology of evil; and it’s especially appropriate when that ideology has adopted the techniques of the left — postmodernism, critical theory, etc.

We’ve previously reported the truly sickening way they all claim to be interested in “good science” education, while furiously undermining it and authorizing creationism to be taught in science classes. A good example of that is here: Louisiana’s Ben Nevers: Creationist Doublethink. But he’s not alone. Every state that has flirted with creationist legislation has people like that, or worse, claiming they’re encouraging good science while they’re actually doing the opposite — substituting Genesis instead of geology, biology, and astronomy.

To be fair about all this, we should clarify what we mean when use words like “dishonesty” in connection with these people, who probably aren’t bouncing checks around town, and who may be good family folks, etc. The promoters and advocates of creationism are probably no more dishonest than, say, Voodoo priests and apologists. But they are no less dishonest. All clear now?

Given this background of dishonesty, distortion, fraud, trickery, humbuggery, and — substitute your own favorite synonym — we came upon this Discoveroid blog article: Lying in the Name of Indoctrination.

When we first saw the title, we were shocked. “M’god, they’re confessing!” we thought. But no, of course that’s not happening. They’ll never change. Borrowing a line from an old movie

Creationism means never having to say you’re sorry.

Instead of describing themselves, the Discoveroids are accusing biologists … well, read their opening line for yourself:

Dogmatists committed to a dying paradigm will argue with falsehoods to convince the public of their claims… especially when they’re targeting children.

Skipping all the bunkum, this is the final paragraph of that article:

This isn’t about minor mistakes in textbooks — this is about the willful use of inaccurate information in order to convince students that evolution is a fact. Mistaken believers are better than skeptical students for Darwinist biology teachers.

It’s all too grotesque. Go ahead and read it if you like that sort of thing. As for us, we need to recover from this exposure to Discoveroid propaganda by watching the political convention currently on TV. Yes, politicians are frauds, but as with professional wrestling, everyone knows it, so it’s all good sport. And compared to creation “scientists,” politicians are models of integrity.

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2 responses to “Discovery Institute — Stunning Hypocrisy!

  1. You know … they would probably make a billion dollars easy if they would just write a book like…

    “How we scammed the world and how you can do it too!”

    Instead of wasting their time on these “textbooks”.

  2. Maybe one of them will do that. But it’s unlikely.