Evolution Exhibit Censored — Freak Fight!

WE HAVE TWO articles on the same topic. First, in the UK’s Daily Telegraph we read: Museum covers up Darwin text after Genesis complaint . Excerpts:

Staff at Abington Park Museum in Northampton blocked out a section of an information board after a visitor complained that it misrepresented the Bible.

Madness! Would they remove their globes if a flat-earther complained? Another excerpt:

One sentence read: “He used the same layers of fossils that had supported the Genesis view of evolution to show the slow changes that are taking place over the millennia of earth history.”

But when a member of the public complained that there was no “Genesis view of evolution”, staff decided to cover the section of text with a piece of paper and order a new display board to be made.

The text was indeed sloppy, but the museum’s cowardice in caving to an “offended” creationist is disgusting. Moving along:

Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society, said: “Hiding the facts of evolution is a form of intellectual child abuse.”


Now we have a follow-up story from the Northampton Chronicle & Echo: Protest continues over Darwin exhibition. Excerpts:

A passage in a display on Charles Darwin at the Northampton Borough Council-run museum was covered up after a complaint from a Christian. The move has now sparked the Northampton Socialist Forum to decide to hold the protest tomorrow.

Great. Creationists against socialists. It’s freak on freak. Is Western Civilization collapsing? Here’s more:

Councillor Brendan Glynane, the cabinet member for museums said: “There was absolutely no attempt at censorship. The text contains a factual error which could cause confusion.

“It is disappointing to see that some groups have tried to use this error to further their own agenda and make proverbial mountains out of molehills.

“We have now uncovered the display board and are in the process of getting a new board produced.”

Maybe they’ll end up with more scientifically correct text. But the creationists won’t be happy, and the socialists will be ready to respond. It’s a crazy world out there.

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