Methodist Pastor With Full-Blown Creationism

LAST WEEK WE reported that Methodists Strongly Accept Evolution. But not everyone agrees with us that this is a beneficial development.

From the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, the same paper that gave us our earlier story, we have Evolution incompatible with Scripture. It’s a letter written by Rev. David Ballinger, a Methodist pastor. He is described as follows (emphasis supplied):

… a pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church in Huntington. He is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church and holds a master of divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary and a bachelor’s degree with a double major in biology.

The quality of the scientific education Rev. Ballinger received at that institution will become evident as we present a few excerpts from his letter:

Let me say that Christian theology is not in conflict with real science. However, Christian theology is definitely in conflict with the theory of evolution. In fact, the theory of evolution is in conflict with real science.

Whaaaa? We read on:

[The theory of evolution] says that simple chemicals by chance association become more complex and turned into living organisms that eventually turned into people.

We begin to suspect that Rev. Ballinger got his biology education out of Jack Chick comic books. Moving along:

The first law of thermodynamics says “that matter can neither be created or destroyed.” That leads us to the question, where did all of this matter come from? The evolutionist must reason that matter created itself. The Christian by faith accepts divine revelation “all things were made through him.”

Thanks for the sermon, Rev, but what does that have to do with the theory of evolution? Anyway, here’s more — wisdom that could only be attained at the University of Uranus:

The second law of thermodynamics says basically that everything tends to run down. … Yet the theory of evolution says that things develop their complexity and structure over time. … It would be like a tornado sweeping through a junkyard and producing a 747 jumbo jet, and even if it formed, it would tend to fall apart.

The massive flow of creationist sewage keeps on coming:

Does life come from non-life? People used to believe in a theory called spontaneous generation. They thought that flies came from rotten meat and that rats came from garbage. Louis Pasteur, a fine Christian man and probably the greatest biologist of all time, showed us through his experiments that flies lay their eggs in rotten meat and rats are attracted to garbage. Life arises only from life. Yet evolutionists tell us that life spontaneously arose from non-living chemicals in some ancient area.

Ah yes, the Louis Pasteur argument. It’s true, Rev — Pasteur demonstrated that flies don’t arise from what was called “spontaneous generation,” so if we keep our food covered it won’t generate maggots. Did your biology teachers tell you that this disproves evolution? Or that it had anything at all to do with evolution? You’ve been horribly misinformed. [Correction: It was Francesco Redi in the 1660s who disproved that maggots arose from spontaneous generation. Pasteur’s work was about preventing the “spontaneous generation” of bacteria and mold on food. Neither Redi nor Pasteur had anything to do with evolution or the origin of life.]

And now the Rev’s letter pours forth a veritable deluge of creationist excreta from the bowels of hell. Here it comes (emphasis supplied):

Are there transitional forms? Darwin himself said there should be many transitional forms at least in the fossil record. Yet there are huge gaps in the fossil record between fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, etc. If evolution were true, there should be millions and billions of transitional forms in the fossil record. Guess what? After 200 years of evolutionary teaching, they have never even found one transitional form in nature or in the fossil record.

Okay, that’s enough! If we continue, we might lose our Curmudgeonly composure and reveal what we truly think of this pastor and his biology degree. It’s so bad that some of the Rev’s points are even rejected by Answers in Genesis; and when those folks avoid a creationist argument you know it’s really bad: Arguments we think creationists should NOT use.

Click over to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette and read the whole letter if you like. It’s a festival of creationism and ignorance. But you would be better off to spend your time wallowing around in a garbage dumpster behind a restaurant. You might find something to eat in there. In the Rev’s letter, however, there is nothing but garbage.

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2 responses to “Methodist Pastor With Full-Blown Creationism

  1. mightyfrijoles

    “Ah yes, the Louis Pasteur argument. It’s true, Rev — Pasteur demonstrated that flies don’t arise from what was called “spontaneous generation,” so if we keep our food covered it won’t generate maggots.”

    Francesco Redi did the fly generation thing. Pasteur proved there were bacteria in air.

  2. Ah, I didn’t know that. Thank you.