Sarah Palin: Maybe Only Slightly Creationist

YESTERDAY we published one of the first articles on the internet about the science-literacy of Sarah Palin, John McCain’s choice to be his Vice Presidential running mate. It was titled Sarah Palin: Creationist?

Today there seem to be thousands of articles on that subject, and there’s not much room left for any original discussion. But to satisfy our continuing curiosity about Sarah, we decided to check out the attitudes of some creationist websites. Our thinking was: They know their own.

So we went to Answers in Genesis (AIG), which is as hard-core creationist as it’s possible to get. They have this article: Is She Really a Creationist? Excerpts:

Before we look at Gov. Palin’s beliefs on creation/evolution (she has certainly shown a willingness to express her doubts about the scientific validity of evolution), we should add that caution needs to be exercised in this area before confidently declaring her to be a biblical young-earth creationist.

Fair enough. They then mention the same TV interview that we quoted from yesterday (as did hundreds of other bloggers). But in addition, they say this:

In an interview the next day, Palin (if the Anchorage Daily News report is correct) appeared to backpedal somewhat, saying that she meant to say that a discussion of alternative views should be allowed but not forced on students, adding: “I don’t think there should be a prohibition against debate if it comes up in class. It doesn’t have to be part of the curriculum.” In other words, Palin was not suggesting that the teaching of creation should be mandated (perhaps realizing that her statement the day before came across as arguing that creation must be in the science curriculum).

Ah. So maybe she’s not hard-core. Continuing:

The Anchorage newspaper also reported her as saying she would not push the state’s board of education (governors in Alaska appoint board members, and the legislators confirm them) to add creationist alternatives to evolution to the state’s curriculum. The paper asked for her personal view on evolution, and she said, “I believe we have a creator.”

Much better than we feared yesterday! The article then talks about the AIG position — which doesn’t interest us. We want to know Sarah Palin’s views, not those of the creationists at AIG.

One final excerpt:

We will continue to seek out additional comments from Gov. Palin regarding her beliefs on creation/evolution.

Yes, and so will we. If we find the creationist websites becoming wildly enthusiastic, then we’ll know that Sarah may have some serious intellectual problems. At this time she seems acceptable; but we’ll keep an open mind in case more evidence turns up.

Why acceptable? Because it’s fine with us if she’s privately a creationist — as long as she doesn’t try to destroy science education by forcing creation “science” (or Intelligent Design) into public school science classes.

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3 responses to “Sarah Palin: Maybe Only Slightly Creationist

  1. Good to know. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well, no one knows for sure. The whole blogging world is awash in rumors. It’ll all come out, eventually. We still don’t really know her.

  3. “Slightly immature” as well. I’ve got an aud/vid file on my site that has her laughing when a radio announcer calls one of her colleagues a “bitch”. Very VP like – hah!