Discovery Institute: First Reaction to Sarah Palin

WE’VE BEEN LOOKING at creationist websites for their reaction to John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate. Our first such report was here: Sarah Palin: Maybe Only Slightly Creationist, wherein it seemed that Answers in Genesis wasn’t convinced that Sarah was creationist enough for their extreme taste.

Now we have the first word from the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids). When it comes to spreading the foolishness of creationism, we consider the Discoveroid operation to be the veritable heart of darkness, so their impression of Sarah Palin is important.

They’ve posted a very restrained initial reaction: What does being president have to do with how we teach evolution?

Except for a brief introduction, their article is merely a link to an earlier Discoveroid article, written months ago during the Republican primary campaign, when the candidates were asked in a debate to raise their hands if they didn’t believe in evolution — and a few hands were raised.

The Discoveroid position then was that this is no big deal — let’s just teach the controversy and we’ll all be better off as a result. Typical excerpt:

Instead of dogmatically teaching kids only the arguments on one side of these debates, let’s encourage them to learn about the full range of informed views in the scientific community. Not only would this increase students’ knowledge of evolution and other scientific topics, but it would also allow them to weigh evidence and think critically about competing claims in science.

Right. Why “dogmatically” teach kids what scientists have learned? Instead, slip a bit of oogity boogity into the lesson plan. That’ll really improve their thinking.

With today’s repetition of that earlier article, the Discoveroids are being rather dismissive of this issue regarding Governor Palin. In effect, they’re saying: Why be concerned with Sarah’s creationism? It’s not important, really.

We’ll tell you why we’re concerned. It’s because Sarah may become President, and if she’s really a creationist, and if she wants that religious doctrine taught in public school science classes, then it most definitely is a big deal. We suspect that if Governor Palin were an evolutionary biologist, the Discoveroids might be vigorously objecting to her selection. We have no evidence for that, of course, it’s just a little suspicion we have.

Anyway, our earlier research suggests that Sarah isn’t an aggressive creationist, so she may be tolerable. Besides, compared to her opposite number in the other party, she’s Winston Churchill compared to Neville Chamberlain.

But this issue isn’t resolved yet. We’re keeping our eyes open.

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