Katie Couric asks Cindy McCain about Creationism

WE DON’T watch Katie Couric, and this is a good reason why we probably never will. The former day-time TV personality, who now occupies the extremely prestigious Dan Rather anchor chair, conducted an interview with Cindy McCain about her husband’s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

An article about this momentous interview is at the CBS News website: Cindy McCain On Abortion, Creationism

After briefly discussing the non-selection of Joe Lieberman, abortion, and Roe v. Wade, Couric gets around to the creationism issue, but in a genuinely silly way. She asked Cindy McCain about her own personal opinion, which is as unimportant as anything could be. This is how it went:

Couric: How do you [Cindy McCain] feel about creationism? Do you think it should be taught in schools?

McCain: I think both sides should be taught in schools. I think the more children have a frame of reference and an opportunity to read and know and make better decisions and judgments when they are adults. So, I think you know I don’t have any problem with education of any kind.

Well, that was quite an interview! One of the truly great moments in journalism. But we like Cindy anyway.

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2 responses to “Katie Couric asks Cindy McCain about Creationism

  1. What the Curmudgeon refers to as “the extremely prestigious Dan Rather anchor chair” is known to some of us (perhaps older than he) as the extremely prestigious Walter Cronkite anchor chair.

  2. That chair actually did have some prestige in Cronkite’s time, all of which had been squandered by the time Rather departed.

    My attempted sarcasm in referring to the “extremely prestigious Dan Rather anchor chair” didn’t work out as well as I hoped.