Butteville School Board Drops Intelligent Design

A MONTH AGO we reported this: Northern California Town May Teach Intelligent Design, about the town of Butteville and their school board president, Stephen Darger, a practicing attorney and former police officer, who were considering adding “intelligent design” to the school’s seventh-grade science curriculum.

Now we have an update. In the Mount Shasta Herald we read Butteville board drops Intelligent Design. Here are some excerpts:

Members of the Butteville Union Elementary School District believe the issue of possibly teaching intelligent design at their school as discussed at a board of trustees meeting in August was “blown out of proportion.”

We didn’t blow it out of proportion. We just wrote about what the press reported. They quoted Darger as saying:

“I think this will be a big issue in the Supreme Court before long,” said board president Stephen Darger, a practicing attorney and former police officer. “Maybe it will be with this school.”

Continuing with today’s news:

Steven Darger, BUESD board president, read a statement at their well-attended board meeting Tuesday of last week negating the sensationalism of an item listed on their prior meeting’s information/action agenda as “Evolution versus Intelligent Design Taught in the Classroom.”

Darger’s Sept. 9 statement said that if there were members of the audience who thought that the board supported the teaching of anything of a religious nature, they were incorrect; and that if there were people present who believed that members of the board were religious fanatics intent on teaching creationism they were mistaken.

Sounds like somebody explained the law to Mr. Darger. Maybe they even told him about Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District. Moving along:

Coverage of the controversial topic spurred many passionate reactions in the past month. Darger said that the board sought counsel from an attorney on the subject, and found that Intelligent Design is not an acceptable scientific theory, and therefore they decided not to pursue the topic.

Nothing to see here, folks. Everyone move along now. Oh, one more excerpt:

Board member Steve Hart said that there was a motion made at the meeting by board member Craig Dilley to not teach anything of a religious nature at Butteville, including Intelligent Design, and that “the board voted unanimously” to drop the subject.

Judge John E. Jones III, you’re the greatest!

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