Katie Couric Prepares to Interview Sarah Palin

AT THE WEBSITE of CBS News we discovered this article posted by Katie Couric: What Woud You Ask Sarah Palin? [Yes, it’s spelled “Woud,” but that’s likely to get corrected before long.]

Here are some excerpts, with bold added for emphasis:

Right now I’m preparing to interview Gov. Sarah Palin, and I’m really excited about this chance to sit down with a woman who has stirred things up in the third act of a very eventful election year.

We’re excited too, Katie. Continuing:

Palin elicits some strong responses from women all across the political spectrum. Her reliability factor, or that “she feels my pain” quotient, was through the roof after the Republican convention. It hovered at 60 percent in a CBS News poll, higher than any of the three men in the race. But women don’t necessarily share her views on social issues.

Way to go, Katie! Zero in on that all-important “she feels my pain” issue. Thoughtful Americans are counting on you. Here’s more:

While 67 percent of women agree with her that creationism should be taught alongside evolution in schools, just 17 percent share her view on abortion …

What’s going on here? First, as we’ve reported several times already, Palin doesn’t say that “creationism should be taught alongside evolution.” She’s said that creationism doesn’t belong in the curriculum, but that if it comes up in class it’s okay to discuss it. Katie’s statement that “67 percent of women agree” with that distortion of Palin’s position is something we’ve never heard before. Frankly, we have doubts. (Were that statistic true, we should have doubts about women’s suffrage.)

The abortion issue isn’t one of our concerns at this blog, so we’ll ignore it. Katie’s article babbles along, and it finally ends like this:

But this is a very critical time for all of us and for the entire country. I’d love to hear your thoughts … I won’t be able to get to everything, but believe me, I’ll try!

Katie didn’t mention issues like the war, taxes, immigration, government spending — you know, unimportant stuff that probably doesn’t interest her audience.

This ought to be a really dynamite interview!

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17 responses to “Katie Couric Prepares to Interview Sarah Palin

  1. Sheesh! 😦

  2. Hey! Mah kitteh’s back ! 🙂

  3. I didn’t mess with it.

  4. mightyfrijoles

    I need a nap….zzzzzzzzzzz…..

  5. Stacy, I would take a careful look at your kitty if I were you. If what I suspect is true, Curmy had to go out and find one that looks like yours so you wouldn’t suspect what he did with it.

    You might ask him if he has a snake.

  6. Much as I hate to say it, she may have to guest on ‘The View’ before she gets asked the hard questions, beyond “where did you get those sweet glasses”.

    Curm, memes will only reproduce in minds with an a priori agreement with them. As we’ve witnessed in the world of IDiocy, trying to counter them with counter-memes, even if the counter-memes are factual and easily verified, is counter productive to say the least.

    Confronting minds that are infested with and being eaten away by, a particularly parasitic meme are more likely to include you in their ever growing list of enemies than they are to take any more time than it takes to fart to seriously consider new information.

    You may have to wait for the accreting mass of the meme to overcome the gravity and blow some minds.

    In this case, I appear to be infested with the ‘beware, Palin is a creationist’ meme too. I find the vids of her actions at her church lead me to believe her lucky avoidance of implementing the controversy is likely a product of political expediency. She seems to know when to make politically correct choices.

  7. Couric wrote: “While 67 percent of women agree with her that creationism should be taught alongside evolution in schools…”

    Couric needs to be challenged on that. Where did she ever get that statistic?!?

  8. b_sharp says:

    In this case, I appear to be infested with the ‘beware, Palin is a creationist’ meme too.

    Well, that’s what she is. But she didn’t do anything about it, even though she was in a position to try something. So my hope is that she’s not the virulent type of creationist.

    Like it or not, it looks like that lady’s gonna be VP.

  9. retiredsciguy says:

    Where did she ever get that statistic?!?

    I think it was on the back of Dan Rather’s 30-year-old typewritten memo in MS Word about Bush’s attendance record in the National Guard.

  10. Couric was asking for comments on the CBS site, so I asked her about this 75% statistic, and also for the source she used for her statement that Palin wants creationism taught.

    I doubt that I’ll get an answer, but while reading some of the other responses I saw one from a viewer that asked Couric why she didn’t challenge Biden when he told her in an inteview that when the market crashed in 1929, FDR immediately went on television and told the public exactly what happened.

    Seems that both Biden and Couric should have known that FDR wasn’t elected as president until 1932, and television wasn’t in widespread use until long after his death.

    I tried to verify this interview by Couric of Biden, but I have limited skills in this area. Did anyone see it? Did he really say that?

    Yeah, I know this has nothing to do with creationism or intelligent design, but if he said that it would be an example of startlingly unintelligent vp candidate.

  11. OK — I found it. Biden DID say that FDR went on television when the stock market crashed — and Couric didn’t blink an eye!

    Here it is — http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4470093n%3fsource=search_video

  12. retiredsciguy says:

    Biden DID say that FDR went on television when the stock market crashed

    Ah yes, that was around the time when Abe Lincoln promised to land a man on the moon, and told us that the only thing we had to fear was … fear itself!

  13. Having now seen at least a few pieces of the Couric interview, I’ll wait quietly for the Curmudgeon’s apology regarding whether or not there would be content. And equally quietly for his defense of the the woman he thinks will be the next VP. And while I’m sure that all will remain quiet, it is nonetheless increasingly obvious that this woman is a clear and present danger to us all.

  14. … I’ll wait quietly for the Curmudgeon’s apology …

    As long as you wait quietly, I can handle it.

  15. Curm, I have admired you from afar since late FR/early Darwin Central days, and I have nothing but respect and awe for your deft skewering of many a topic, but I have to say that perhaps this woman is unfit for the office of VP.

    Whether she is a virulent form of creationist is less relevant than the fact that she is, in fact, a creationist. Meaning, her judgment is questionable at best, and downright awful at worst. Besides which, being shredded by a lightweight like Couric, of all people, speaks volumes.

  16. Chiapet says:

    … I have to say that perhaps this woman is unfit for the office of VP.

    I can’t defend Sarah’s creationism. I’m hoping it’s not as bad as I’ve seen it in other people, and that may be true. Still, a creationist of any type isn’t really reliable. For routine matters she may be fine. If she has to do any heavy thinking, she’s not fit for it. If we’re lucky, we can survive her, because in most situations these people travel on their programmed paths. She’s predictable in most issues that may come her way.

    Still, she’s far from my first choice. That’s true of McCain too. But I keep going back to Henny Youngman’s classic response when asked “How’s your wife?” He always shot back: “Compared to what?”

  17. Compared to what? Compared to Palin. She sets the bar so low that it is impossible to imagine voting for a ticket that includes her under almost any circumstances. You’ve got other choices; vote for Barr if you can’t countenance someone who seems to be more hawkish than McCain when it comes to Pakistan, and more fiscally conservative in terms of understanding that the housing crisis is not going to be paid off by eliminating earmarks. Hell, vote for Nader. Vote for anyone but Palin.