The Agony of Evolution vs. Creationism

THIS IS a very good article in The Spectator by Theo Hobson, a British theologian: The Creationism debate. Here (with bold added by us) are some excerpts:

It is muddying the waters to confuse creation-faith with creationism. All Christians believe in God’s creation of the world – but if they are thoughtful and honest they will admit that this is a hugely problematic matter, which more or less defies rational explanation. Creationists are Christians who cannot admit this, who need a pseudo-scientific account of God’s creation, which is of course incompatible with evolution.

Excellent point. We haven’t seen it expressed like that before. Continuing:

Post-Darwinian Christianity is faced with a choice: to accept this difficulty, or to run from it.

This is really good. The article goes on about:

… one of the best memoirs ever written: Edmund Gosse’s Father and Son. Gosse Senior was a zoologist who refused to accept the new science. This refusal put his son off religion.

You’ll have to read the entire piece. We can only excerpt a few highlights:

… Gosse Senior was one of the few leading biologists who could not accept the possibility of its [evolution’s] truth. He could not dispute the science – except by appealing to the literal truth of Genesis.

Yes, that is the dilemma. One more excerpt:

His [Gosse Senior’s] decision [to become a creationist] is a refusal to face the difficulty of faith. This, to his son, is his crime: not being scientifically wrong but being emotionally dishonest, spiritually cowardly. It is an important distinction.

Read the article. It’s worth your time.

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