Evolution & Creationism: Multi-State Update (30 Sept)

OUR LAST news roundup was ten days ago: Evolution &.Creationism: Multi-State Update (20 Sept). A few items have come to our attention since then which merit mention.

Louisiana: Dr. Barbara Forrest’s website, Louisiana Coalition for Science, has a good article on Explore Evolution, a new creationist text which is likely to be adopted by some misguided Louisiana school district. The book has been the subject of a review which is extensive, knowledgeable, and scathing, which Dr. Forrest discusses in this article: Explore Evolution: A Stealth Creationist Textbook to Accompany the Stealth Creationist “LA Science Education Act”.

Texas: Dr. Steven Schafersman’s excellent site, Texas Citizens for Science, has two new articles. First there’s a report on the Draft Science Standards, which will be opposed by Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist who heads the Texas Board of Education. Then there’s a fine article reviewing a talk given by creationist, William Dembski: What Every Rational Person Should Know About ID, by Paul E. Murray.

Discovery Institute: Casey Luskin, the omniscient genius who has deconstructed and discredited all of science, now questions the judgment of the Church of England. There seems no limit to Casey’s intellectual reach: Anglican Spokesman Recommends Church Apology to Darwin Over Legendary Affairs.

All of our articles about the Discovery Institute can be found here: Discoveroids.

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