Freshwater Trial Starting in Ohio

SOME STORIES never die, they just simmer on the back burner and then suddenly start boiling over. It’s been two months since we’ve reported on this one. Our last article was John Freshwater, suspended Ohio teacher: Update. And now, Freshwater is back!

In today’s Columbus Dispatch we read Science teacher’s hearing to begin, sub-titled: “Mount Vernon man could be fired for teaching religion.” Here are some excerpts:

“This is nothing short of another blatant attack on free-speech rights,” he said.

That’s how Freshwater and his supporters frame the issue: A veteran teacher is fighting for his right to keep his Bible on his desk.

But there’s more to it, the school board said.

More to it? So it seems. This is a long article, full of creationist goodies. All we can do is tease you into clicking over there to read it all. Moving along:

Freshwater directed his students to Answersin, a Christian Web site, for answers to their science questions, said Jessica Philemond, attorney for the family of the student who said Freshwater burned a cross on his arm. The Web site was founded by Ken Ham, author of the book The Lie: Evolution.

In 2003, Freshwater asked the Mount Vernon school board if he and other teachers could “critically examine” evolution in class. The school board said no.

According to the accusations, this guy seems hard-core.

“From that point on, John had a bull’s-eye on him,” said Don Matolyak, Freshwater’s pastor.

The board has carried out a vendetta against Freshwater because he wanted to teach alternative views to evolution, and that offended school-board members who believe in evolution, Matolyak said.

Ah yes, just because he’s been hired by the state, is paid by the state, works in a school provided by the state, and has students because their attendance is required the state, the state has no business telling him to teach science and not Noah’s Ark. It’s “discrimination” if he’s prevented from hijacking those facilities to preach his private version of Oogity Boogity to the kiddies.

Anyway, the trial starts today. It’s not a major event, but we’re expecting the creationists to jump all over it. They’re certainly not doing any science, so if they want to promote their cause, what else have they got to talk about? Freshwater is their man!

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One response to “Freshwater Trial Starting in Ohio

  1. There is more to this story. The teacher involved abused one of his students by burning a cross into his arm.